Anton part 2

The way to break this hard hetero man is to thoroughly humble him. Anton expects the world to move for him but here he’s tied on all fours in nothing but his tight white pants awaiting the attention of any passing gentlemen. Fixed in place with a bit in his mouth he’s like a caught wild stallion who can’t prevent us from unleashing all our revenge upon him and using his arse for our own perverted pleasure. That big straight arse is so tempting we take our time groping and manipulating his genitals. We seize complete control of his cock clipping his foreskin to his toes so he’s unable to move. Anton can’t control his dick’s reaction as it’s stroked. While it hardens his bright shiny glans emerge. We’ve sussed out that this dumb bastard is turned on by being controlled and humiliated! We fix that throbbing member inside a cock pump so Anton is trapped in exquisite agony with his pleasure being kept completely under our supervision. He’s gagging for it so much that precum is dripping! We’re so hungry to use that arse Dave rams a big fat dildo up his virgin hole ramming him while simultaneously whacking his round pale bum cheeks with a belt. This is the thrashing this hetero cunt deserves for being such a filthy slut!

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