Angel in White Coat


Release Year: 2021
Studio: Chaos

A secret clinic for a young surgeon. My body reacts to the temptation of a doctor !? A special exercise to sweat to cure a cold … Rest assured … it’s just an inspection. The naughty rumors of this hospital were true …!? I just came to see him …!
Nasty sex blamed by two beautiful boy doctors!
[Chapter 1]
A patient who has a cold is told by a doctor to stay at rest tomorrow. However, tomorrow there is something I can’t take off and I’ll tell myself if I can do something about it. When the doctor says that exercising and sweating will cure the cold, somehow the patient begins to undress …
[Chapter 2]
Patients who feel discomfort in the crotch should contact the on-site urology department. A doctor is given a cup to collect a urine test, but a doctor reaches out to his crotch without seeing a shy patient … It wasn’t kindness, it was the excitement of the sexuality behind the doctor …
[Chapter 3]
The reason why the elite young doctors that everyone longs for aspired to this path was behind the scenes. When a male patient arrives, he takes off his inspection and false clothes and begins to search here and there. Yes, the only real reason he wanted to be a doctor was because he had a reason to touch his body …
[Chapter 4]
Patients who find out that a rumor has spread to this hospital do not mind and wait for a medical examination at the hospital. However, I happened to see an elite doctor’s obscene treatment. Knowing that the rumors were true, he became scared and tried to escape, but another doctor who saw the scene refused to leave with a gentle smile …

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