Anal X-Ray Vision – Austin – Part 19


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Austin didn’t call for an appointment, but Dr. Wolf asked the young man to meet him in his office for a “routine checkup.” Austin knew what this meant, especially given that he was in peak health and had been examined many times. That was his first clue that the tall doctor had interests other than purely scientific for the young man — interests that usually led to a thorough fucking and breeding!Once they were alone, Austin couldn’t wait to pull out the handsome man’s enormous cock. It was always big and impressive, but in his small hands, it always seemed even that much bigger! Dr. Wolf looked down on the cute boy as he took it into his mouth, lapping at the big head with his tongue and getting the older man rock hard within seconds.As much as …As much as Dr. Wolf enjoyed the young man’s enthusiasm and skill at taking his monster cock in his mouth, he had more exciting intentions than just a simple blowjob! Putting the boy on his exam table, he removed his clothes and spread his legs apart, watching as his cock fell against his body and his hole puckered for attention.Warming up the ultrasound, Dr. Wolf took the head to his groin, resting it about his genitals as he stared into the monitor. Seeing the internal workings of the boy’s abdomen gave the doctor a thrill. He’d been curious about the human body even before med school and residency. Now, he had a willing plaything with whom he could play doctor with!Pressing his cock up against Austin’s hole, he watched intently as he gently slid himself inside. It was hard to see at first, but soon he was able to see his own shaft differentiated on the screen. The visual of his cock making its way into Austin’s body only excited him more, making his already big cock throb at full force.He could see the distinct shape of his manhood with Austin’s ass wrapped tightly around him. And with each thrust back and forth, he could see the boy’s body yield to his presence. It was enough to drive Dr. Wolf to the edge of orgasm! But he took his time, watching himself on the screen as Austin’s toes curled from the deep penetration…

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