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Today Im bringing back a popular model on the site at the moment and to be honest when I first laid eyes on Amon, I was hooked because he was the epitome of what I find in a man… top to bottom, so to speak! Watch as today AMON fuck me good and raw but with the care that you wouldnt expect from a stud like this and as you will see Amon is here to stay!
Everything was set up in the bedroom where I do most of my shooting and when we entered the room Amon immediately went to the porn and was thumbing through porn hub and found something that immediately popped his cock to rock hard status! Well I could hardly keep my eyes off him so I immediately went to work and knelt down at his feet for, well, Im sure you guy know what came next.
I sniffed his socks which were clean unfortunately but that didnt stop me from getting excited and soon the sock were coming off at the same time and exposed where these beautiful manly feet, kept well, and a scent that made my cock twitch. I literally went inch by inch on those feet, toes, souls, bottoms, just everything you can imagine which threw Amon for a loop because he wasnt expecting something like this to be so erotic… as he said himself.
The clothes came off because I couldnt hold back from the rest of his body and I made my way to his cock and that is all she wrote. I began to suck his dick and I was in full and brought all the skills while I placed his straight hand on my ass which he surprisingly liked the feel of as he examined my ass with his hand. What came next was him actually that ass for a test drive.. and it was on!
On my back, Amon slowly began to stick that wet dick of his in my ass and he was as gentle as can be as he took his cock inch by inch up my ass until he had my legs and feet to one side of his body as he fucked me in rare form. He flipped me over and took me from behind and began a methodical fuck that lead to him pulling out and spraying my ass in the ultimate cream pie! This boy is hot!

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