Air – Anal

Studio: Military Classified

It was late one friday nite about 11:30 when I got a text from Bryce and the text said he was in the area and wanted to know if he could stop by and make a little cash. I quickly got things together and told him to stop by. I could tell he had been and when the cameras rolled, I was really surprised at the level of openness he had and what he ended up doing that night was nothing short of hot hot hot!
Before I could finish setting up cameras and the porn, Bryce was texting me letting me know he was in the area and I texted back to shoot me a text when you arrive. When we got to my room the lights were low, the porn was playing and Bryce was already playing with himself through his shorts. I was so frickin excited that I took on the girl role and submitted to Bryce letting him handle my ass BB.
Bryce surprised the hell out of me because once I sucked his cock rock hard Bryce became very uninhibited. He started playing with my ass and sticking his finger in my hole and before long Bryce had his face buried in my ass giving me some of the most amazing rim job to date. Before long Bryce had me begging him to stick his cock in my ass and thats exactly what he did.
I wanted to break the ice so I began riding this boy cowboy style both forward and backwards. This really got Bryce warmed up and you can tell by the look on his face at this point that looked like a confused deer in headlights wondering what the hell is a dude making me feel this good right now. Well, eventually Bryce had to bend me over and starting pounding away which I could only tolerate for so long before I had to find a different ending.
I sat this boy down and began to ride him again and this time almost side saddle and Bryce was mesmerized by his dick sliding in and out of my tight warm ass and the look on his face was telling me that he was getting close to lose control and after continuously bouncing on his cock, he said under his breath, Im about to cum and wham! This boy had at least a 3 load saved up and he sprayed my ass white then stuck in back in my ass until he was completely dry. Wow!

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