Adore and Dreezy Long


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Adore’s tardiness has pushed against the limits of Dreezy Long’s patience for the last time. When Adore arrives late in the low-lit laundry room, Dreezy doesn’t waste time ordering the cute, tall twink around. On command, Adore falls to his knees and wraps his lips around Dreezy’s BBC! He looks up at Dreezy with eager eyes—you’d never know this cute guy getting cock-slapped as a punishment!Dreezy Long brings Adore back up to his feet, and yanks the tall twink’s pants down. Adore has his own big black cock—but its only use is for Dreezy’s amusement. The dominant top takes Adore’s manhood and frots against it, stroking both dicks in his palm as he wears Adore’s mouth out with sweet, strong kisses.Dreezy gets down …Dreezy gets down on his knees, and pulls Adore’s needy hard-on into his tight-lips. He feeds its length into his mouth, spitting and suckling until Adore’s weak at the knees. Even when he’s crouched underneath a man, Dreezy is in charge.Satisfied, Dreezy Long stands up, and orders his bubble butt bottom to bend over the countertop. Dreezy presses his hard cock against the base of Adore’s hole. He plays with Adore’s lubed cheeks, and smacks them lightly before finding a slow, long rhythm with his hips. He fucks with slow, controlled power.After a few intense minutes, Adore whines softly and starts begging. "Yes, Daddy!" he says lustfully, lost in the sensation of being stretched out by Dreezy’s long, thick cock.Dreezy’s drilling is moving faster now, and Adore keeps his hands bent and balanced over the countertop. He’s sweating, his black skin glistening with opulence in the light. Dreezy’s strong thrusts wreck Adore with relentless pleasure; so much so that Adore finds himself arching his spine, bouncing with an aching need in time with each slap at his rear.Dreezy, as he twists Adore’s body around in various positions during his long fuck, eventually reaches his own limit. With a deep grunt, Dreezy shoves his girth all the way inside Adore, and holds him there with firm, powerful thrusts. His hips clap against Adore’s bubble butt in one last plunge, breeding a load of cum deep inside his tall, compliant bottom. Adore crumples onto the countertop.He lays on his stomach, breathing heavily as Dreezy pulls out and wipes his cock clean on Adore’s hole. He grabs Adore’s shoulder and flips the panting bottom over—Dreezy may have cum, but he’s not done.The dominant top slaps his lips onto Adore’s gorgeous, dollar coin sized nipple. Dreezy slides his tongue under and around the Adore’s hardening nub, watching the bottom’s well-formed chest rise and fall with heavy breaths. Adore can’t help but stroke himself under the blessing of Dreezy’s tongue on his chest.With a break in his voice, Adore shoots quickly, losing himself as his seed smears to his stomach. After he cums, Dreezy keeps sucking on Adore’s nipples until he’s satisfied. When Dreezy pulls off the nipple, he gives Adore a brief kiss, then, with a low growl, tells the bottom it’s time to go… Adore’s already made him late. Just like the punishment to his hole, and nipples, and face, Adore takes the verbal punishment, too… and likes it just as much.

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