ActiveDuty Beach Boy Dreams – Scene 3 – Corbett Harper and Shawn


Corbett is attracted to Shawn’s presence on the rocks of the beach when he sees him. Corbett looks at Shawn, perched on the rocks as a Greek statue, and makes small talk. He convinces Shawn to go for a walk and then to visit his house to show him some very revealing swimsuits. Shawn and Corbett are back at their house and Shawn is soon modeling several outfits near the spa and pool. They’re soon naked in the Jacuzzi and enjoying each others’ manly rods. Corbett is able to move to the opposite side of the Jacuzzi, and Shawn moves over to stroke his cock. He unleashes a small amount of cum on Corbett, and he turns around and unloads the rest of his gusher.

Format: mp4
Duration: 6:58
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