ACM Rocky Challenges Roman


Video language: English

Two horny young studs. Two big dicks. Two hungry holes! That’s what we have here with Rocky and Roman!
These two are no strangers to one another, and seeing them together before made it clear we needed to get them together again for this episode here – a flip fuck, where each is able to take turns getting fucked and delivering a hot fuck.
This is one of my absolute favorite types of episodes to film – all we have to do is turn on the cameras and let the guys go at it. Their past experiences with one another led to Roman and Rocky being perfectly in sync here. They each came in to the action knowing precisely what they wanted, knowing what the other liked, and eager to fuck. I think they also came in to the action here knowing they didn’t have to hold anything back – each one was down to fuck and get fucked hard, fast, long and deep. The fucking here is relentless, and the loads are massive!

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