Gays Randy Blue Malachi Marx Cums INside Randy Dixon

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Release Year: 2017
Video language: English

In Wank Party 2016 #1 we have Peter Andre, Milen Petrof, Petr Cisler and Anton Sanek. In this first part we see Milen and Peter as they sit on the sofa playing a game on Milen’s phone. Petr and Anton are stills sleeping and Milen and Peter go to wake them. Pulling off the blanket show that Petr and Anton are both naked and the others begin to run their hands over the bodies. Petr and Anton wake and turn over and they begin kissing Milen and Peter. Milen and Peter remove their shirts and then as their cocks get hard the pants come off too. Anton starts to suck on Peter’s cock as Petr does the same to Milen. Anton’s hot mouth licks and sucks on Peter’s stiff cock and then he kisses him some more. Milen’s balls are tight against the base of his cock as Petr sucks him. He fucks the cock into Petr’s mouth and then they kiss again. Swapping partners has Anton kissing Milen and wanking on his big cock. Then he goes down to suck it too. Petr does the same for Peter as Anton has a great time on Milen’s throbbing cock. Petr’s mouth does a great job at sucking Peter. Anton’s hand grabs Milen’s hairy balls as he sucks on the cock. Then Petr turns and kisses Anton and wanks himself. Milen grabs Anton’s dick and wanks it as Peter begins sucking Petr. Milen leans down and takes Anton’s rock hard dick in his mouth as Peter continues sucking Petr. Then Petr sucks Peter again and Anton returns to sucking Milen. All change again has Anton and Petr kissing and then Petr sucks him . Milen and Peter kiss each other as Anton leans over to take Peter’s dick in his mouth. Milen lifts his legs in the air, as does Peter. That gives access to their asses and Anton starts to rim Milen’s hairy hole. Petr rims Peter’s ass too, and slips a finger into the hole. Anton sucks on Milen’s dick again as Petr continues to rim and finger Petr’s sexy ass. Milen’s hairy hole gets more of Antons tongue.Milen and Petr wank themselves as their holes feel the hot tongues on them. Then Petr kneels and Anton takes his dick in his mouth to suck it as the other guys start kissing each other to bring part one to a close.

Format: mp4
Duration: 22:32
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 3442kbps
Audio: 91kbps

File size: 583.7 MB

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