Naughty Workplace White Paper XX

Release Year: 2017
Studio: KO Company, Beast
Genres: Asian, Twinks, Oral / Anal Sex, Blowjob, Handjob, Uniform, Fingering, Masturbation, Cumshots

The lecherous story unfolded at every work place All anal intense Saddle sex!
1 Nishikaso Concert ? Ryo Okamura-Sports Massager-
"You guys, kiss me in front of me!" Rookie Saijo’s mistakes are the manager’s responsibility!
In order to prevent the headquarters from making a claim, the store manager Okamura throws away the pride of nonke and is the kindness of the complaint customer.
And in the request of forbidden anal sex, a hard meat stick of Saijo violently strikes the store manager’s anal many times!
2 Shunsuke Aoki-Moving business-
"What’s your attitude, you don’t have to come from tomorrow!" Aoki was told that he was fired suddenly.
There is only one way you can’t get fired … a way to avoid the movers’ traditional kicks.
"I’m going to clean the sweat steamed cock" I was made to give the meat stick of the senior who became large to bread pan, and the demand to escalate rapidly!
"Senior, I’m a virgin there!" A senior’s big cock is screwed in an anus and excuses fast piston!
3-Traffic guide-
Newcomer Horny Welcome Party. A newcomer traffic guider who has been put on by seniors. If you notice it, both hands are tied and you are caressed!
A meat stick that responds to the contrary with reason. The pant voice is inserted in the anal that she has leaked so much that she feels too much and has not been touched by the woman!
This year’s new face is erection even erection! The mass ejaculation at the end while pokes with a hard meat stick!
4 Yukari Sugawara-S Kawaguchi-
"Why do you do this? You are cute."
It threatens the delivery staff who came to pick up, and if it turns out, it is in the training room of the transformation dude. The smell of sweat in the delivery smells like a stimulant of the transformation guy.
The meat rod screwed in the mouth, transformation nostalgic shakes hips violently for the processing of their libido without any trouble.
No matter if you scream or scream … no one comes … The semen that jets a lot splatters in the training room, and …

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