Naughty Workplace White Paper XV

Release Year: 2013
Studio: KO Company, Beast
Genres: Asian, Twinks, Anal / Oral Sex, Blowjob, Handjob, Rimming, Solo, Threesome, Uniforms, Masturbation, Cumshots

Very popular series workplace obscene white paper 15 bullet commemorative number! 155 minutes enlarged version. The shocking story of police officers, doctors, moving companies, plumbers and men who work too much.
[Moving company] Kawashima Shingo
Kawashima, which uses the power of the athletic club to carry your luggage. It lusts with the erotic book which I found by chance in the room I became alone.
If you try to finish the work as if there was nothing out of the customer a word of shock ….
[-Patrol Hen-] Daisuke Omiya
Excellent grades, such a real figure of him …. I can not tell the reality to anyone. Because …
[Plumbing] Hiratsuka Yuto
Despite being a small business plumber, I found a job at a company that has frequent job requests. Why are there so many job requests …. Hiratsuka is unaware of the development of the shock that happened on the site.
[Doctor] Tsukiyama Hiroaki
The tragedy of a kind doctor as depicted in the picture. Extreme treatment that escalates with the kindness of the newlywed doctor.
The body responds to it for the first time with the thrill and excitement that may be seen by nurses. Doctor and patient, secret treatment of only two people.
[-Shocking Insult-] Daisuke Omiya
Protecting the peace and security of the citizens … but some guys are different. There is an unthinkable situation on the spot that was headed by emergency contact.
She is taken off her uniform and preyed on two men …. The aphrodisiac is placed and it changes into pleasure as it gets fucked and the virgin anal is robbed by two men.
?Off shot? All members
Gorgeous recording of off-shot that is a popular chapter of the workplace lewd white paper. You can see the NG scene of the scene and the original facial expressions of the interview models and the other side of the shooting.
The strongest story and luxury model team in the workplace history! We will deliver the image that escapes 120% erotic. looking forward to!

Format: mp4
Duration: 2:37:42
Video: 640×360, AVC (H.264), 1805kbps
Audio: 124kbps

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