DudesRaw – Raw And Sloppy

I usually top, but when Shane Omen sent me a photo of his thick cut cock, I texted him my address, and got ready. On my bed, I sucked him all the way down; he was quite impressed with my mouth, but he hasn’t seen the best part of me, yet. Shane then started to blow me, but he really just wanted my hole; works for me. Tongue fucking my ass, he had me moaning as I told him, "I want your cock."

Shane is such an incredible top; he loves to switch up positions and rhythms. As he pounded me, my whole body tightened then released. Begging for him to go deeper, Shane rolled me up and didn’t spare an inch; he kept me edging. Mounting him, his cock was in a perfect position to get me hard. Close, he rolled me over to my knees and told me he was going to blow; I begged to, "feel that cum in my hole." After he shoved himself back in, he fingered my sloppy ass as I shot. This DudesRaw video included Rave Hardick, bottoming.

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