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Description: The movie opens with Huessein and Matthieu Paris making out, Matthieu happily licking all over Huessein’s hairy torso, from pits on down. I’m a gigantic fan of Matthieu Paris, truly one of the great fisting bottoms Chris Ward has ever worked with, and pairing him with the brutish hunk Huessein is inspired. Matthieu, tattooed all over, eats a bit of Huessein’s ass and sucks his cock and then Huessein blows Matthieu (who has a gigantic cock that is too rarely shown). Matthieu spends a lot of time in Huessein’s beautifully hairy butt, munching with so much excitement. Matthieu gets the same treatment, his smooth butt beginning to open for his top. After more oral time than is usually allotted in these fisting extravaganzas (and that’s no complaint since it’s wonderful here), Huessein has Matthieu on all-fours with fingers plunging in. Slapping on a black glove means business, and now Huessein is starting to have more fun with his fingers. He uses both hands and it’s so easy to get a full hand into Matthieu, even one as big as Huessein’s. He varies speeds and arms, and still manages to punch his way around with speed, getting in near to the elbow. Matthieu encourages the depth. As always, he looks so calm as his ass is being invaded by such a torrent of fast-moving handiwork. Huessein is unstoppable and keeps Matthieu crammed with such plentiful style and talent. For extra measure, Huessein fucks Matthieu, but the catch is that he also has a hand up the ass as well. That is scorching! By this point, a typical fisting bottom would be exhausted, but Matthieu is game for another whole position of being punched-fisted on his knees. Huessein gets so far up to the elbow it’s almost shocking. It gets Matthieu to cum, hands-free, but Huessein is far from done. Instead, he now uses both hands together and gets in so deep it’s truly mind-blowing. Both of his arms are masses of matted hair up to the elbow. Matthieu goes back onto his back for more and cums again, fist still in him and the marathon scene ends.

Matthieu is back for the second scene (hopefully it’s not the same day!). This time, he’s outdoors with bearded Mark LaSalle, who first spends time paying oral homage to Matthieu’s dick (again, I love that it’s used in this movie!). However, as Mark is sucking, he’s also jamming a fist upwards into Matthieu’s lubed ass. The old carrot-and-stick routine. Mark very expertly handles both chores, but his concentration soon moves to just the upwards fisting. Not that he stops his deep-throat, but his arm keeps slipping further and further into Matthieu’s ass. It’s finally the only focus when Matthieu bends over and lets Mark work his ass solely. Mark gets right up to the elbow. Granted, his arms are leaner than Huessein’s, but still, when you can work half an arm up a bottom’s butt, he’s showing off splendidly. The surprise of the scene finds Mark on his back getting the gloved treatment from Matthieu. It’s fair to say that Matthieu knows his way around this gig, so he goes for some fun two-handed movement in various positions rather than the extreme depth of which only he’s so capable. Matthieu takes this so seriously, and just doesn’t stop, twisting his body all over the place to make this work so well. Matthieu is a grunting animal as he fists the cum out of Mark on this rooftop, then sending his own to Mark’s face.

Does Matthieu ever get a rest? He’s in the third and final scene as well, but this time, he has a lot of friends around. Matthieu has his hand firmly in Cristiano’s ass while Taurus is doing longtime fisting fave Chris Neal, leaving petite powerhouse Javier de Cerdo to one of the mammoths, that hunk of hunks, Francois Sagat. All have different styles too. Matthieu is always aiming for something clever, Taurus is rock-solid and dependable and Francois looks like a king, posing while working, that infamous dick completely hard. Matthieu is in the deepest, but then again, Taurus is using two hands in Chris. Mohawked Javier looks to be in absolute heaven at the other end of Francois’ arm, both of them reaching to play with Francois’ cock. Chris’ ass is probably the most well-traveled, so he takes the doubling from Taurus beautifully, but Matthieu is in so very deep with hairy Cristiano riding his arm almost to the elbow. These are three excitingly matched couples. The bottoms spend lots of time touching each other, encouraging the fun. The shortest scene of the movie ends when Taurus and Francois cum, followed by Chris, Matthieu and Cristiano, still packed with Matthieu’s arm.

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