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Rub Me Down (2012) SiteRip

Release Year: 2012 Studio: Men Cast: Johnny Rapid & Cole Harvey Genres: Oral sex, Anal sex, Rimming, Flip-Flop, Twinks, Massage, Cumshots, Safe sex Video language: English Johnny Rapid is tense, his in need of a nice massage and heads down to a nice local spa. After professional massage therapist Cole Harvey sees Johnny’s tense dick he knows exactly what treatment needs to be applied… Format: lavfpref Duration: 30:09 Video: 854×480, AVC (H.264) Audio: 125kbps File size: 481.7 MB

Rene (2012) SiteRip

Release Year: 2012 Studio: BelAmiOnline Cast: Be be Le badd, Ashley Renee, Fawna, Dallas Tetre, Lira Castle Genres: Solo, Big dick, Masturbaion, Muscules, Cumshots Video language: English Rene’s handsome good looks, incredibly ripped and muscled body make for a stunning photoset. No matter what angle we shot him from we got dazzling pictures.He is super photogenic and looks great in all his pictures, both in and out of his clothes

Hardcore (2011) DVDRip

Release Year: 2011 Studio: TitanMen Rough Cast: Spencer Reed, Adam Knox, Xavier St. Jude, Frank Philipp, Junior Stellano, Draven Torres Genres: Oral/Anal Sex, Big Dick, BDSM, Piss, Fisting, Cumshot Description: When vanilla won’t cut it, turn to Hardcore, from TitanMen’s boundaries-defying fetish series, Rough

Boyz Nite Out (2006) DVDRip

Release Year: 2006 Studio: Babs Video Productions Cast: Cuckboy, Sissys Genres: BDSM, Amateur, Bondage, Daddies, Leather, Spanking, Oral, Butt Play Video language: English Since hubby’s been a good boy, I let him out for his own fun. He meets up with 2 of his “buddies” and they go at it with each other! I guess since his cock is useless to me…he might as well use it on his pussy friends! But then again…even his pussy friends are more endowed them him. Format: asf Duration: 36:02 Video: 480×360, Windows Media Video 9, 1200kbps Audio: 62kbps File size: 315.8 MB

Muscle, Bound (2007) DVDRip

Release Year: 2007 Studio: Control-T Studios Cast: none available Genres: Kidnapping, Athletes, Abuse, Sports Gear, Punishment, Masks, Bondage, Straight/Closeted Men Video language: English One day they’re sitting around the gym bullying the smaller, weaker guys. The next day we have them trussed up for your pleasure and for their torment! Big, somewhat straight, muscle-bound lunks get the tables turned on them and suddenly they are helpless, writhing, sex objects. Go ahead, do anything you want to them

Parole Fuck

Video language: English Extreme sex! 100% Ass Stretching with no limits. These dudes are hard and in control. Watch as these German men whip the shit out of each other and bend over for hard cock to get pounded in their tight asses.

U.S. Marine. Part 11 (2010)

Release Year: 2010 Cast: Wes Genres: Fetish Since his capture, Wes has suffered immensely, but nothing prepares him for the pain in his arms and shoulders when his feet leave the floor and he’s dangling in mid-air. Each arm bares his full body weight

Fistpack 4: Nutts For Butts ( Raging Stallion Studios / Fisting Central )

Release Year: 2004 Studio: Raging Stallion Studios / Fisting Central Cast: Adam Faust, Asoka, Chris Neal, Joshua Adams, Michael Brandon, Ruben D’Angelo Genres: Fisting/Handball, Butt Play, Fantasies, Fetish/Kink, Group Sex, Muscles, Big Balls Video language: English Raging Stallion does it again with the release of Fistpack Four: Nutts for Butts, another classic handball fisting spectacular from America’s Premiere Fisting Studio! Jam Packed with the action you want to see, Nutts for Butts showcases a group of new fisting pigs, many making their first Raging Stallion debuts.

Steel Mill Media – Examination

Release Year: 2011 Studio: Steel Mill Media Cast: Chad Brock, Joe Giovanni Genres: BDSM, Bondage, Tit Play, Muscle, Masturbation Male on Male, Domination Video language: English Sexy Chad Brock comes in for a routine check up, and thanks to Dr. Joe Giovanni it becomes anything but routine! After a cursory examination, the Dr. knocks Chad out with chloroform–stat! While unconscious, he is stripped and prepared for a hot battery of painful procedures! Nipple clamps, cock and ball torture, and more are in store for the muscled hunk, and the sadistic doctor doesn’t stop until every part of Chad Brock is tested! Bonus feature Doggy Style

U.S. Marine. Part 12 (2010)

Release Year: 2010 Cast: Wes Genres: Fetish We string up Wes by his wrists and tie his cock and balls to a 150-pound, rolling dumbbell. We then whip him and beat him with a rubber truncheon. The pain of the beating is bad enough, but every thrust of his body causes his cock and balls to be jerk against the weight.

U.S. Marine. Part 13 (2010)

Release Year: 2010 Cast: Wes Genres: Fetish We bring Wes to a conclusion with pain and pleasure. His cock and balls are pulled tight by the rolling barbell, arching his back

Dday 22 Yodluck Chuckjoncha

Release Year: 2011 Studio: Palm-Juno Genres: All Solo Sex, Twink, Masturbation, Solo, Outdoor, Straight/Closeted Men Video language: Thai Mandy, I see my tattoos. I. Music much

Ken Body Special

Release Year: 2012 Studio: Genma Cast: Ken Genres: All Sex, Twinks, Anal, Oral, Outdoor Sex Popular in the “BODY” series.

Precious Isamu

Release Year: 2011 Studio: COAT Cast: Isamu Genres: Twinks, Anal, Oral, Masturbation, Solo, Rimming Since the main debut, has been steadily extended and popular erotic and sensitive reaction of Korikori BODY muscle is “20 Sai valor”, which finally appeared in the long-awaited Precious PG154! Mated to be erotic and male characters were friendly …

Unseen Stage 63: I’m Yours

Release Year: 2012 Studio: Palm-Juno Genres: Softcore, Freshmen, Posing, Underwear, Striptease Backstage UNSEEN STAGE 63: I’m Yours. Downloading and watching. Dedicated fans of Asian guys.

Student Training Camp Penalty Games

Release Year: 2011 Genres: Twinks, Posing, Butt Play, Spanking, Masturbation Male on Male, One Bisexual Scene, Oral, Str8 Bait Five pairs in the unit circle futsal training camp in the countryside inn, I had to bait the actress playing the game king AV. Cute college students make noise “Of course the instruction of the King ~!” Absolute punishment erotic game between men, that there is anything fun for you. Ice melted, dripping wax ○ Men Lumpur, the male genitalia · ass hole