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Studio: HotOlderMale Furry daddy Vladimir likes to talk while he strokes. He likes to ask you how his cock looks, how his ass looks, how it would taste on your lips…

Unsuitable – Zak Spears and Tyler Saint

Studio: HotOlderMale Big Boss Zak Spears is pissed at his sales team’s bad performance. Zak needs some thinking time, but good friend and business partner Tyler Saint dropped by to talk strategy.

Unsuitable – Zak and Ethan

Studio: HotOlderMale At the end of the week, Zak returns to his loft but is so stressed out he doesn’t see young pup Ethan standing in the hall with soccer ball in hand. To get Zak’s attention, Ethan kicks the ball his way and unintentionally smacks Zak in the head

Unsuitable – Paul, Billy, and Xavier

Studio: HotOlderMale The Tough Tools Inc. sales team have not been pulling their weight and they’re hearing it during a conference call with their boss Zak. After the call they’re at a loss how to proceed until Paul and Billy take charge of the situation and tell hot bottom stud Xavier exactly what to do, how to do it and how hot he looks doing it all

Unsuitable – Paul Barbaro and Trey Walker

Studio: HotOlderMale Suit daddy Paul Barbaro has spent most of the work day watching porn at his desk and he’s more than ready for a little relief. Luckily, muscular delivery man Trey Walker has a big package to deliver and Paul is happy to accept delivery.

Unsuitable – Nick and Ben

Studio: HotOlderMale Nick and Ben are in the office and neither looks too enthused to make the most of the day. That is until Nick gives Ben the eye and Nick’s massive meat begins to show through his suit pants. Newly inspired, these two find creative ways to use a wooden filing cabinet as they suck and rim each other

Tor Matthews

Studio: HotOlderMale Watch hot leather daddy Tor Matthews stroke his thick, uncut dick. Eleven minutes of wet solo action for you to enjoy

Tony Vega Tops Daddy Reed Mathews

Studio: HotOlderMale Daddy Reed Mathews thinks he’s gonna get some of Tony Vega’s sweet, juicy ass but Tony has a better idea and turns the tables pretty quickly. Before Reed knows what’s up – his legs – Tony is sinking his fat uncut cock up his tight hole! Oh, those spontaneous boys! Format: asf Duration: 26:55 Video: 1280×720, Windows Media Video 9, 2342kbps Audio: 125kbps File size: 488.1 MB

Thom Daddy

Studio: HotOlderMale Sexy leather daddy Thom loves to relax with a good cigar while he strokes his big dick in the Florida sun. Watch him bring himself off, then send him an email letting him know when you want to come over for an encore. Format: asf Duration: 10:29 Video: 720×480, Windows Media Video 9, 1463kbps Audio: 62kbps File size: 117.9 MB

Thomas Steele

Studio: HotOlderMale Canadian businessman Thomas Steele likes to put pleasure before business when he’s on the road. This sexy suit daddy strips down and strokes that hard cock of his, cumming all over his hairy stomach.

Suited For Sex – Suited for Sex

Studio: HotOlderMale When sexy suit-daddies Jaren Taylor and Brent V need a break from their work day, they lock the office door, close the blinds and have themselves a good ol’ time. Suit-daddies work hard and when it’s time to fuck, they know how to get down to business.

Suited For Sex – Boy Needs a Lesson

Studio: HotOlderMale Sexy boy Dallas is a cocky one, all right but he may have met his match when he plays chicken with hot daddies Jordan Garrison and Jackson Rivers. Stud daddies Jackson and Jordan have some hot fun with cocky Dallas, and now some flip-flop fucking definitely is in order. Daddy fucks boy, boy fucks daddy, boy rides daddy.

Straight Dad Jake Stewart

Studio: HotOlderMale Straight up handsome suit-daddy Jake Stewart is the kind of dad who you know will take good care of you. He’ll make sure you’re fed well and make sure you’re comfortably tucked into bed at night. And he’ll make sure you know how to make this hot daddy’s hard cock grow and grow and give you both what you so desperately need.

Straight Dad Dick Stahber

Studio: HotOlderMale Dick Stahber is not gentle when it comes to fucking or getting his dick sucked. He likes it rough and hard as he shows in this sexy solo video. Format: asf Duration: 5:58 Video: 1280×720, Windows Media Video 9, 2340kbps Audio: 125kbps File size: 108.0 MB


Studio: HotOlderMale Sexy Sly has an incredibly tight body, tight hole and a power-pole that gets so rock hard it could do some real damage under the right circumstances. This handsome stud likes it all ways – on top and on bottom… sucking and sucked

Scott Parker

Studio: HotOlderMale Sexy suit-daddy Scott Parker has got one of the thickest, hottest cocks on the block. It’s delicious! Get a taste here and be sure to check him out in two hot scenes from our recent movies, Down to Business, and Daddy’s Dick In Hand available at our web store. Format: asf Duration: 8:56 Video: 720×480, Windows Media Video 9, 1462kbps Audio: 62kbps File size: 100.2 MB

Rugged – Sucking and Fucking

Studio: HotOlderMale Hardcore leathermen know what to do when they get in a dark, secluded dungeon. They know that’s the time to get on your knees and worship drooling man-meat

Rugged – Bed Buds

Studio: HotOlderMale Sometimes in bed you just get that itch and it won’t go away. That’s when it’s time to call one of your bed buds to come over and scratch you in places you just can’t reach

Rugged – Allen and Kegan

Studio: HotOlderMale Sexy stud Allen Silver hooks up with big and hungry red-head Kegan Daniels. When these two get together, their desire and connection pours from them and we get to enjoy it