WHiggins – Kick Club, Scene 6 – Dvd Scenes – 11-04-2013

Studio: WilliamHiggins.com

In scene 6 of Kick Club we have a very big cast, Karel Pisek, Zdeno Reif, Richard Hrosik, Otto Horyna, Lukas Vaculik, Svens Torgburg, Radim Vokoun, Tadeusz Brodzik and Jarmil Soler. As the scene starts Zdeno is inducting the other guys into the Kick Club, explaining the rules. Then it is time to start some kick boxing. Firstly Radim is against Kamil, showing off how good they are. The other guys are cheeing them on and when Radim is knocked to the ground they carry him away. Laying Radim on a bed the guys look at him, worrying if he is ok. But quickly Tadeusz starts to suck on Radim’s cock. Radim proves that he is alive by taking Sven’s hard cock in his mouth too. When they have sucked up a big storm the fucking begins, with Lukas fucking Radim, Sven’s fucking Richard, while Karel gets it hard from Zdeno. As they fuck the guys swap partners so everybody get some good hard sex from whoever they like. Finally the guys all crowd around Radim and shoot their creamy loads all over him.