WHiggins – Kick Club, Scene 2 – Dvd Scenes – 14-02-2013

Studio: WilliamHiggins.com

In scene two of our fully remastered Kick Club we have two wonderful models from some years back, Hynek Lenard and Otto Horyna. In a lovely scene entitled "Otto’s Day Off" we see the two guys walking in the country, with their backpacks. As they explore they find a derelict building, clambering down into the dungeons. Hynek decides to play some music on his new player and allows Otto to share the earphones. As they listen their mouths come together in a kiss. As they kiss the guys hands are exploring each other’s bodies. Quickly the shirts are off, revealing two very good bodies as more kissing continues. Then Otto’s shorts are open and Hynek goes down on his massive, throbbing cock. Hynek really works his mouth over that cock and sucks Otto’s balls as well. Hynek then spreads a blanket on the ground and gets naked as well, so that Otto can take a turn at sucking. Hynek’s cock is rock hard as Otto takes it in his mouth. He sucks it nice and deep as he wanks himself. Then the guys move to a 69 position, so they can each suck the other. The are really turned on by each other and Hynek begins to play with Otto’s hot ass. Otto gets onto his knees so that Hynek has full access and he really begins to play, then he slides his rock hard cock deep into that willing hole. Otto loves it as that cock rams into his hole. Changing position, twice, they continue to fuck, with Otto wanking himself as his hole is pounded. Then they swap, so that Otto can fuck Hynek as well. That big, hard dick really works Hynek’s tight hole as he wanks his own hard dick. He loves how that cock feels in his ass and is soon shooting his cum all over himself. Otto feels that hole tighten as Hynek cums, and it puts him over the edge too. Pulling out he lets his cum fly too. What a lovely scene, and so good to see it in the remastered form, from two really great guys.