When Roles Reverse – K-Snakes ,Tori

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Release Year: 2010
Genres: Ass-Eating ,Big Dick ,Black-Only ,Condom ,Flip-Flop ,Gay/Bisexual
Video language: English

One of the things i love about making unscripted amateur porn is the element of surprise – that adrenaline-rush that comes from having no idea what will happen next! Even when things don’t turn out quite the way i’d hoped or planned, the outcome can still be surprisingly hot!This is one of those scenes that didn’t quite go as expected. The original idea was to give k-snakes a chance to show off his skills as a "top," something he didn’t get to do in his scene with beno. I decided to pair him with tori because let’s face it, the handsome young brother has a flawless ass and i couldn’t wait to see it split open by a pipe as big as the one hanging between k-snakes’ legs!When things didn’t go according to plan, however, we had to negotiate a fair compromise that reversed the roles for the day and turned into bba’s first-ever "flip-flop" scene! See for yourself what happened when the scene’s original "top" found himself bent over the futon with a dick up his tight ass instead!Tori hangs out at my apartment on a saturday afternoon and answers a few questions while we wait for k-snakes to arrive. Tori hasn’t even seen a picture of his scene partner yet, so he’s understandably nervous about how the day’s shoot will go.I keep the camera running as k-snakes shows up at my apartment and meets tori for the very first time. Neither guy is very talkative, so there’s not much of an introductory interview.Less than thirty minutes after meeting for the first time, tori and k-snakes are nervously leaning in for their very first kiss. No matter how many times i film scenes like this, my dick still gets rock-hard while watching two hot, horny black guys go from being complete strangers one minute to getting naked and fucking just a few minutes later!

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