Under my Roof, Chapter 4: Last Days of Summer (720p,1080p)


Cast: Mr. Stone, Logan
Genres: Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Bareback

Logan savored the way that Mr. Stone made love to him—and in the gorgeous setting of the forest, no less. Mr. Stone went slow and steady at first, letting his giant cock sink nice and easy all the way in. Then, he slowly pulled back out again. And after several minutes of this repetition, the pace got noticeably faster. Logan reasserted his grip on the tree and tried to calm his strong desire to bust his nut right then and there. Mr. Stone could also feel his control beginning to wane. The priceless look of delight on Logan’s face alone was starting to affect his ability to hold back an orgasm. He pulled out and flipped Logan onto his back on the tree-trunk. Mr. Stone would always remember the look in Logan’s eyes—pleading, needing. This, along with Logan’s grunting and moaning with each thrust, put Mr. Stone way, way over the top. Logan cried out and squeezed his well-fucked love tunnel as tightly as he could while his beefy, sexy launched the biggest, most intense cum shot inside. Mr. Stone could hardly believe how much semen he had buried inside Logan—easily the best orgasm of the summer, for sure! For both Mr. Stone and Logan, this late summer afternoon together out in nature was the greatest memory one could hope for. As Mr. Stone’s thick load began its slow, luscious descent from Logan’s glistening hole, the spent held Logan tightly to him. Logan suddenly realized how badly he wanted to stay with Mr. Stone. Just like this. Just for a little longer.

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