TwinkLoads – Connor Taylor With Braden Rush Encounter 2

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Release Year: 2021
Studio: TwinkLoads
Cast: Connor Taylor, Braden Rush
Genres: anal, bareback, gay, kissing, oral, porn

I love my job. I love that I’m earning enough to pay my college fees doing something I enjoy so much. Sometimes I wonder if all masseurs have similar experiences to mine. I mean, I know there are all sorts of ethical codes which they drill into you while you’re training… but, come on, if there’s a hot guy on the table and he’s getting hard, what’s wrong with a bit of extra-curricular activity? Brandon is a hot guy. In fact, he is just my type. Late 40s, nicely tanned, great body. He turns up in shorts and a T-shirt, but you could tell he is more used to wearing a suit and tie. Those powerful city types are always highly-sexed, and, when it comes down to it, pretty passive. They spend way too much of their lives ordering people around and sometimes they just wanna lie back while someone else takes control. I knew from the moment he walked into the room that he was very into me. I guess he likes ginger boys. His shorts were made from a silky fabric and he was already tenting by the time I gave him the spiel about leaving the room to give him some privacy while he got naked. I could have jumped him then and there, but I played the game and left him to undress. Obviously, I had a quick look through the crack in the door as he was getting his clothes off and, sure enough, as the shorts came off, his rock hard cock sprung out of his jock. It was a nice dick. I’m sure he fucks his wife or husband with it all the time, but I instinctively knew he wanted to bottom for me. I’ve got a sixth sense for that sort of thing. He was lying face-down on the table when I came back into the room, so I got started with the oils and gave him a gentle, sensual massage while getting to know his tight, muscular body, which felt great under my fingers. As usual, I took my T-shirt off first, and continued to massage in just my shorts. It’s a little trick of mine. They’re always face-down, but they hear me pulling something off, they’ll twitch a bit with excitement. I may only be 20, but I’ve given massages long enough to understand the way the human body responds to different stimuli. I worked on his ass and it instantly made me hard and I tugged at my dick through my shorts. It wasn’t long before the shorts came off. I could see his hard dick peeking out from under his stomach, so I could see I was on the right track. I did my usual trick and moved around to the head of the table and massaged his upper back with the tip of my eight-inch cock bouncing on the back of his head. He took the bait instantly, grabbing my dick and rubbing his hand up and down it while still lying face-down on the table. In no time at all, he leaned up and was sucking my dick real good – really deep, really intense, nice and slow and wet. Men that age always know exactly what they’re doing. It’s one of the reasons why I like them so much. Why waste a dick like mine on some inexperienced twink who doesn’t know what he’s doing? I play with the big boys! Brandon was getting lost in my dick. There was a real connection. I imagined going into his fancy office in the city and ramming my dick into his ass while his shirt and tie were still on. He’d get obsessed with screwing me and want to do it everywhere, even as he barked orders at his long-suffering secretary that he probably used to bone till he met me. I moved around the table and started eating his ass, probing him with my long, wet tongue, getting him nice and ready for the pounding of his life. Spit always feels better than lube – or massage oil – and so I like to take my time. I rolled down the blinds. I usually massage guys in my dad’s house; it’s quite fancy and he’s always away on business. Trouble is, he’s got some crazy, buttoned-up neighbors who start to rage-twitch whenever they see a guy coming in for a massage. They think I’m running some sort of cat house and they’re not far off of the truth but don’t want to give them the satisfaction of confirming it for them. When he was ready to rumble, he lifted himself and squatted on the table. I climbed up and knelt behind him, slowly pushing my big dick into his tight ass. It fit perfectly. He squeezed it so hard that I felt like he was somehow sucking it into him. Guys that age are always surprised when a young man like me knows how to fuck, and they’re usually pretty shocked by how big I feel inside them. He made some real sexy noises as I started to pound him which got me horned up and wanting more. I never rush the pace when I’m inside an ass like Brandon’s. I enjoy it way more when I do it leisurely. And when I’m really enjoying myself, I get my phone out and ask the customers if I can film myself fucking them. I never get their faces, just my dick going in and out. I’ve got quite the collection of clips these days; I save them for when I’m horny and alone. My dick got really hard as I filmed him. In fact, he said he could feel it swelling inside him. It’s always hot when you’re in sync like that. I imagined all the outrageous places I was gonna fuck him in the future. I’ve always wanted to do it on a plane. The dude might even have a private jet. That just made me want him more. I started to feel my balls filling up, so stopped filming pretty damn quick. I lasted about a minute more. He got really loud and verbal as I got closer to nutting. That just turned me on more and I started fucking harder and deeper. My favorite moment during any sex is the point at which you realize the cum is rising and you have to make a snap decision as to whether you blast it into his ass or pull out and enjoy watching it spray over his back. I knew it was gonna be a big load and I wanted to see how it would look and I wasn’t disappointed. I was horny enough to push myself back into him afterwards. There was no way Brandon was gonna leave without a bit of me inside him. That almost went without saying. He’s been getting daily massages ever since.

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