Tom: Chapter 5 – Kitchen (720p,1080p)


Cast: Dr. Wolf, Tom
Genres: Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Bareback

Tom woke up in his doctor’s arms and put on clothes before making his way to the kitchen to search for large quantities of food. It’s amazing how passion can make a young boy hungry. Dr. Wolf woke up to hear the fridge being opened and closed obsessively and decided to help the boy. He stumbled a little bewildered into the kitchen to see Tom standing at the sink with his shirt off and his pants tight like a peach in his pants. It was a sight that the doctor was not ready for and it was quite powerful! As he walked towards the boy, he could feel his huge cock quickly stiffen in his pants. It was horrible timing. He glanced at his watch and saw that he was already late for work. But he couldn’t help but to keep going. They were soon kissing insatiably, and the doctor began to pull down Tom’s pants, exposing his beautiful butt which he’d stuffed with loads of load after load all night. Before either of them could resist or be rational, they were all over one another again, hard as fuck, and ready for another round! Tom immediately began to pull the doctor’s solid body out of his tights and immediately unzipped his pants. Both men were immediately receptive to the gesture and within minutes they were both naked and extremely aroused. They were also leaking large quantities of cum and gagging for a good fuck.

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