Tied to the discipline bench

Release Year: 2019

This manly hetero workman can’t tease us any more by letting his trousers hang low over his arse crack. Now he’s bound firmly in place without any bottoms on at all so his arse is sticking temptingly out for us! Now that we’ve thoroughly fucked Martin over he knows there’s no chance of release if he doesn’t obey. Trapped in his vulnerable position he’s presented with Dave’s big hard dick and ordered to suck it. Every muscle in Martin’s body revolts as it goes totally against his straight man’s instinct but he painfully pushes his head down onto it and closes his lips over the thick shaft. Dave sternly directs and oversees Martin’s oral service until he’s thoroughly trained like a back alley whore. Martin panics when he realises that his oral service has just been to slick up and prepare Dave’s dick to be plunged into his own arse! He gets mercilessly fucked as Dave plunges deep into Martin’s guts. His own dick and balls flap about uselessly while his bum is angrily pummelled. Martin’s cries for it to stop only draw Adrian in to fuck his mouth while he’s also being buggered. He’s completely overwhelmed as the men slam their dicks into him continuously. Dave sprays his jizz all over Martin’s sore bumhole and Adrian uses it as lube to screw him more. Martin is ordered to clean Dave’s spunk covered dick while more cum is fucked up inside him. He weeps with shame as Dave pisses all over his burning hot face. This straight bastard is truly filled up with cum and a fat dildo secures all those swimmers inside him.

Format: mkv (Matroska)
Duration: 23:28
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264)

File size: 4.5 GB

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