There Goes the Neighborhood

Release Year: 2020
Studio: All Worlds Video

Winner of 5 GayVN Awards including:
Best Supporting Actor (Brad Benton), Best Screenplay, Best Music, Best Non-Sexual Performance (Rowdy Carson) and Best Sex Comedy

The opening stretch of this good-humored romp, with its Loony-Toons intro music and a wacky sitcom air of exaggerated histrionics amongst the cheerful cast members (plump and juicy hams, all of them) will most likely stretch the limits of your patience and endurance for comical plot-driven porn. Is this Mayberry, USA or are we ever gonna get to see some puckering rosebud and other assorted sordidness? I assure you, things heat up considerably after this goofy intro.

It’s 1963 and an erotic beefcake film production company has just moved into a conservative So-Cal neighborhood, igniting all sorts of comic mayhem and sexual turbulence, ’60s-style.

Chatty-catty housewives gawk, pry and scheme about scoring a slot in the "period" film the new neighbors are shooting; an ambiguously fey white-bread husband finds himself mysteriously drawn to the colorful new neighbors’ hard bodies, their bubbular booties, their pendulous dicks; an overly fastidious policeman down the street instinctively senses something pornographic is afoot behind locked doors; and soft-core director "Vic" (Paul Johnson) wrestles with his conscience (and the law) over whether or not he should risk filming the decidedly hardcore between-the-takes action that his foxy actors are so spontaneously prone to engage in.

Johnson, decked out in total-square leisure wear, stands behind an antique movie camera and directs a faux gladiator wrestling match between red-hot dark-haired chiseled stud-fuck Rod Barry (the Master) and beefy blonde muscle-head Zach Hunter (the slave). Rod and Zach’s on-camera rough-housing leads to some spontaneous pulse-pounding sexual tension – so Rod orders director Paul to stop filming. A bit of off-camera master-and-servant foreplay ensues, with Rod teasing the kneeling Zach with his pop-tent (protruding forth between the flaps of his costume) while yanking on Zach’s chain collar. Rod spins around and spreads his wiggling ass, offering a furry, puckering treat for slave boy Zach to slurp on. Paul, meanwhile, shifts in his director’s chair, adjusting his own pop-tent which has newly arisen in the seat of his pants.

Rod allows Zach, his hands bound, to suck and gag on his lovely uncut bone, which he authoritatively whacks across Zach’s jaw intermittently between the hearty thrusts of fucking Zach’s face. Paul inches closer, his shirt unbuttoned. Rod lets Zach suck on his foreskin some more, then yanks him to his feet, spins him around and, without hesitation, plunges his stiff masterly cock squarely into the slave’s tight fuck hole and pounds his ass commandingly. Paul gapes in astonishment, and so did I. Snaps on the sleek camerawork and the crisp editing here, as we catch only subliminal glimpses of the latex O-ring surrounding Rod’s penetrating shaft. While these guys are clearly playing safe, the camera angles and the well-timed cutaways here give us the sordid momentary illusion that they’re doing it raw. Very hot. Not so hot is the choppily edited climax, the quick-cut remnants of an apparently tardy cameraman’s nearly missed cum-shot.

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:49:49
Video: 720×480, AVC (H.264), 1662kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 1.4 GB

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