Tasty Update: Lukas Valentine & Nick Sterling

Nick Sterling is back! I am so excited. He always had a special place in my heart for having the most juiciest butt in all of porn. But Nick has come back beefier and hairy and ready to top. Lukas and Nick met the night before and it was crush at first sight. They immediately decided to share a bed together and spent most of the evening cuddling up on the couch. They said it was pretty hard not to fuck before the shoot, but they made out a shit load naked the night before. These two guys crushing on each other were full of pent up energy. So I let them loose and sat back. They just did what two gay men do best, and fucked like dogs. They sucked and rimed and 69’d and then finally Nick shoved his raw dick in Lukas. Lukas loved it. They fucked nice and hard until finally Lukas came all over himself. Nick was soon to follow, pulling out and blowing his load on Lukas’s hole before shoving that cream back up his ass. Be sure to check out the return of Nick Sterling in full HD and bareback here at Randy Blue.

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Duration: 22:06
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