Seth Gets Double The Dick In The Woods!


Video language: English

Billy was chatting to a customer in the bar who told him about an excellent place to go "dogging". He called up Tony to see if he’d be up for giving the place a try and sure enough… he was! When they arrive at the secret location they chat away and spy for some potential fuck – and who should be there but Seth . After walking over and asking for a light for their cigarettes (it’s secret code for man-sex in such places!) it’s not long before their cocks are and being sucked through the car window! Seth sure is great at sucking dick – Billy and Tony are very impressed with his tongue and throat technique which makes them very horny guys! But they want more – especially Billy – who’s been dreaming of fucking a nice tight ass all week. Clearly the road-side car-park is too risky and so they head in to the bushes for a nice, satisfying fuck .

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