Session 79: Masters Guy, Derek & Steve


After josh’s severe beating at the hands of his fellow sixth formers, he may have thought they would go easy on him. Just how wrong can this young naive student be? That was just the warm up.

If anything, dishing out the cruel caning has fired up Master Derek’s imagination, a look in his eye that says he wants to use josh and humiliate him further. To be honest, every other thought going through the minds of boys Dereks age are going to be about sex. The only difference is that Master Derek is strong enough to do something about it.

Grabbing josh he ties up the sub by tying him up with coarse ropes. First the arms, then the hands and finally the ankles, before binding josh’s feet and hands together. He may squirm and struggle, but the sub isn’t going to be able to get out of this. Not such a clever student now, is he?

Master Steve steps forward and rips a hole in the back of josh’s underpants, exposing the school boys buttocks and allowing easier access to the prone students anus; Master Guy know’s just how to fill such an inviting hole as that.

The moans and yelps from the little crap confirm to Steve and Guy that the vibrator they are pummelling into the sub’s bumhole, minus any lubrication, is causing their desired result of a burning tormented crap hole.

Josh pleads to Master Derek that he "doesn’t like it" but his words are best saved for someone who could give a fuck, a bitching sub is likely to get a much more severe punishment than one that takes it without complaining.

Master Guy and Master Steve lighten the load by gobbing a few wads of spit into the sub’s red raw arsehole, smoothing out the drag around josh’s sphincter and lubricating the plastic cock as it gets repeatedly pumped in and out of his bum.

Derek has had enough of the sub’s whining. Maybe pushing josh’s face into Steve hot sweaty arse crack will muffle the moans, especially as Guy has stared caning the soles of the students bare feet with his Headmasters bamboo cane. Each thwack extracts a cry from josh’s mouth buried deep between Steve’s firm buttocks.

Master Derek is going to totally own and humiliate josh. The sub is ordered to suck each of the other students cocks until they are hard, starting with Steve. It’s not long before the atmosphere in the room is charged with sexual electricity, three handsome half naked students nursing stiff cocks courtesy of the slobbering wet mouth of their new bitch josh…

He may have thought getting his Masters dicks hard would be the end of his ordeal. Wrong again….

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