Session 62: Master Mike & Master Nick


Master Mike is in full-on bully mode. Restraining sub jason’s arms by tightly tying them behind his back with coarse rope, Mike then shreds the bottom’s white t-shirt, roughly ripping the last remnants of material from the sub’s body.

As the binds bite into jason’s skin, Mike orders him to strip… A simple enough task but something this pathetic sub still gets wrong, resulting in humiliating verbal and stinging hand slaps from his Master. Trussed up like a turkey the bottom struggles to loosen his clothing, wriggling and squirming to shrug them off, receiving lashes from Mike’s leather cat-o-nine tail for taking too long.

Nick arrives and immediately joins Mike in abusing the sub. Ordered to tidy up his clothes after stripping naked, the useless fuck gets repeatedly beaten as punishment for failing to do as he has been told, much to the Tops amusement.

Time for some motivational encouragement courtesy of Master Mike. Attaching chrome nipple clamps to jason’s chest, the short quick rasping sound of the sub’s breath tells us that even the slightest tug on the chain that connects them shoots bolts of pain through the sub’s nervous system. Leading the sub around by pulling on the chain wracks it’s body with tantalising torment. Mike is a truly Brutal Top.

Begging his Masters to use him, sub jason is bent over and finger fucked by Nick while Mike compounds the sub’s misery by tugging at the nipple clamps, the whimpers and cries leave the Tops under no illusion that their fiendish punishment is working.

Standing the sub up the Tops take turns to have the cocks groped and fondled by it, demanding jason tease and stroke their penises to get them hard. The restrictive hand gag they each apply in turn over the sub’s mouth means he can only breath through his nose, causing his nostrils to flare as he struggles to draw in enough oxygen to combat the pain of the nipple clamps and the torment being metered out by the Tops.

Having their cocks fondled just isn’t working so Mike drops his jeans and underwear round his knees and orders jason to use his mouth to suck him hard instead, a job the slutty sub does with great relish, even gagging on Mike’s hardening cock as the greedy cunt try’s to completely swallow his Master’s thickening length.

Nick wants a turn so jason shuffles across to him on his knees. Pulling back the delicious long foreskin, Nick’s cock is greedily devoured by the bottom, sucking and slurping on the growing length. Moving down lower to worship and lick Nick’s low-hanging ballsack the sub sucks on the two spunk-filled treats inside.

Mike wants to teach this useless sub a lesson. Tying more coarse rope around jason’s neck, Mike binds the other end via some wall ties to the sub’s ankle. With the bottom’s leg raised in this position Mike can easily torment it’s arsehole while Nick’s cock can get serviced by the slutty mouth.

Using a rubber dildo mounted on a broom handle Mike fucks the sub, ploughing the whole length deep into jason’s arse, any moans and cries muffled by Nick pushing his hard dick into it’s mouth for servicing.

An exhausted sub is no use to man nor beast and the rough treatment jason has suffered at the hands of Mike and Nick seems to have drained him of energy, but a cure for that is on hand. Fetching a bamboo cane Mike beats the sole of jason’s raised foot to motivate the sub in his work.

A newly inspired bottom sucks on Mike’s cock like a pro, milking a huge load of spunk out of his Master’s balls using just his tongue and lips. This sub is a total cum slut, every last drop of Mike’s thick white nectar fed to him is gobbled down until not a trace of it is left.

One final kick to the sub’s balls and the Tops leave a humiliated and used bottom tied tightly to the wall, hanging his head in shame.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 28:29
Video: 960×540, Windows Media Video 9, 2249kbps
Audio: 62kbps

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