Session 61: Master Mike & Master Lee


Two street thugs Master Mike and Master Lee are teaching sub jason a lesson in servitude and humiliation. After Lee used the slutty bottom’s mouth as his ashtray and then damaged the cunt with his thick hard cock, Mike began his own brand of humiliation using a rubberised dildo mounted on a broom handle….

Mike plunges the prosthetic cock into jason’s bowel as the blinded and rope-tied sub tries to carry out Lee’s orders and suck his Master’s delicious young prick. Slurping and devouring every inch Lee’s firm cock the sub milks the engorged member with his lips, getting verbal lashes and hard hand slaps each time his teeth even threaten to come into contact with his Master’s penis.

Mikes pummeling of jason’s arse with the dildo has a strong hard rhythm to it, the sub’s sphincter grips around the thick rubber shaft as it tears back-and-forth from his anus. Intermittently Mike slows the pace, stopping and starting the anal assault, each time making jason gasp for breath as the power fuck begins again in earnest.

Stretching the sub out over the massage table, Mike orders the runt to suck his cock next and get him hard. With the black duct tape over the sub’s eyes rendering him blind, jason can only guess what may lie in store for him when both Top’s cocks are hard. He doesn’t have to wait too long to find out.

Mike is such a powerful and worthy Master, moving around behind the sub he takes aim at jason’s exposed crap chute and rams home his hard dick, burying it in the runt’s gut which only moments before was being ruined by the dildo. Relentless anal punishment that the humiliated sub is resigned to take like a throw-away fuck toy.

Master Lee shoves his cock into jason’s mouth, pushing forward to lodge it in the sub’s throat he begins to face-fuck the runt, his pubic hair scrubbing across the sub’s nose as the two Masters roast the cunt across the table.

Mike grabs the coarse binds on jason’s body for leverage, pulling the sub back to meet his powerful thrusts so every inch of his magnificent thick Master’s cock gets buried deep inside jason. Its a tribute to Mike’s peak physical prowess that he can fuck at such a fast, hard pace and maintain it for so long.

While fucking runt’s arse, Mike grips the back of jason’s head and pushes it down onto Lee’s cock ordering him to "suck that fucking dick…"

The Tops swap places, the power fuck continued by Lee while Master Mike releases a bladder full of hot piss over jason’s face and into the sub’s slutty mouth. When the flow subsides Mike orders jason to suckle him to get hard once more.

Lee’s firm young bum cheeks barely wobble as he power-drives the sub’s already ruined arse, fucking the very life out of it.

As if getting fucked and then pissed on were not humiliating enough, Master Mike delivers one last blow to jason’s dignity. Pulling his throbbing cock from the runt’s mouth he spews a sackful of thick Master’s spunk over jason’s face, lips and mouth. Rubbing his spent penis across the bottom’s face Mike pushes it back into jason mouth for him to slurp up any remaining dribbles of semen.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 10:28
Video: 960×540, Windows Media Video 9, 2862kbps
Audio: 62kbps

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