Session 55: Master Lee & Master Nick


A naked stuart is called in for his session with Master Nick and Master Lee – he thinks it’s going to be a regular exercise session but his Masters have a very different idea. Their plan is to ‘beast’ sub stuart, the military term for a physically demanding workout or training session, metered out as a punishment that literally works a man to exhaustion.

The Tops are wielding leather crops for this session – the sub will soon learn that to annoy a Top or show a lazy attitude to an exercise task will earn him painful stripes on his bare skin, not to mention kicks and shoves from his Masters.

Starting off in a plank position, stuart is made to hold his form while Lee places a dirty boot firmly on stuart’s shoulders, pushing down hard with all his body weight. The strain on the sub soon starts to show, making the Tops redden stuart’s arse cheeks with their crops to teach him some self discipline.

The lashes come thick and fast as stuart is beasted about the floor, his arse cheeks glowing red from the relentless cropping at the hands of these two vicious young thugs.

Master Nick decides stuart may need some additional encouragement to do sit-ups, so unbuttoning his jeans he shrugs them off down around his knees and takes up position, holding the sub’s legs in place with his hands. The Top’s ripe sweaty arse crack will be stuart’s reward for a perfectly executed sit-up. It sounds like a simple enough task, and with such a great reward on offer, what bottom wouldn’t want to do their best and be able to bury their tongue deep into a worthy Master’s juicy arse hole….? Obviously this one.

Lee starts whipping stuart hard across his back and arse with the crop as the lazy cunt falls short of even getting his tongue between Master Nick’s buttocks. Lee snaps. He has had enough of this bottom’s weak efforts already. Planting one of his dirty work boots firmly on the back of stuart’s head, he rams the sub’s face hard into Nick’s arse. One way or another this sub WILL worship his Master’s arse hole as ordered.

Picking up the pace Lee moves stuart onto the next exercise, cock squats. Master Nick’s jeans are still pushed down around his knees as he stands in front of stuart so that each time the sub squats down, his cock with it’s deliciously suckable long foreskin can be kissed and worshipped in stuart’s slutty mouth.

But where are these sub’s manners? Lee orders stuart to say ‘thank you Sir’ to Master Nick every time he is rewarded with a suck on Nick’s thickening tool. Lee reminds the sub of his manners each time he forgets this simple instruction with a thrashing from Lee’s crop for good measure.

Stuart’s biggest mistake comes while being ridden around the room with Master Lee on his back. While getting a particularly vicious cropping across the soles of his feet for being such a lazy cunt, stuart blurts out ‘fuck’ from all the pain he is being made to endure, thus earning the wrath of Lee and an even more severe beating for his trouble. Will this bottom never learn?

Maybe a set of press-ups while worshipping Master Lee’s hot stinking feet will instill some manners into this wretch. Nick is on hand to see that the press-ups are completed correctly, a stinging crop across stuart’s welt strewn buttocks awaits if he fails to impress. Both Tops are enjoying every moment of stuart’s torment and beasting, laughing and joking to each other at the sub’s expense as they rain down more swipes of their crops in a tirade of humiliating punishment.

Physically exhausted this lazy cunt is in for a shock, the Tops haven’t even got started with him yet.

Ordering stuart to stand up and start jogging on the spot, Lee wants to see him raise his knees high in the air. A combination of fatigue and being unfit means stuart stalls, gasping for breath as Lee bellows more orders at him to keep moving. Master Nick lends his own brand of inspiration to the situation, spanking the sub’s already sore and red raw arse hard with his open hand.

Back to sit-ups, this time Master Lee offers his arse as the reward for stuart to aim for when completing a sit- up. The sub’s depleted energy means he can barely raise his body off the ground without flailing his legs from side to side to gain momentum. Nick lends some assistance to the back of stuart’s head with his hand, driving the sub’s face deep between Lee’s almost hairless arse cheeks, allowing stuart’s tongue to penetrate the Top’s puckered anus. In such an exhausted state the pleasure of being allowed to rim Master Lee’s perfect arse is now lost on stuart.

Nick adds a new dimension to the exercise routine. Taking up position behind Lee, every time stuart lays down between sit-ups, Nick squats down to about a foot above the sub’s face, ordering stuart to raise up and rim his arse, making it harder for the sub to catch his breath and so exhaust him faster. A brilliant plan, brutally devised and Masterfully executed.

As stuart’s pace between sit-ups slows the crop gets used more frequently, until giving up on the sub ever doing another sit-up, Master Nick sinks his arse and full weight onto stuart’s face, covering him and ordering the sub to rim and eat his bum hole.

Changing positions with Nick, Lee squats above the sub’s wet mouth, ordering stuart to tongue bathe his tight young ball sack while Master Nick painfully crops the soles of stuart’s feet. Pleasure counter-balanced with pain. These are truly Masterful and generous Tops.

Nick’s cruel side again kicks in and while stuart feasts on Master Lee’s hairless balls the sniggering Top unleashes a torrent of hot Master’s piss over the prone sub, coating stuart’s body in yellow fluid and ordering him to open his mouth so it too can be filled straight from the Master’s tap. Nick and Lee stand laughing at the exhausted, spent bottom laying lifeless on the floor in a pool of piss.

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