Session 54: Master Lee & Master Nick


Bottom ben’s whole body has been bound in leather straps from head to toe, rendering him unable to move from where he has been left.

Master Nick marches in over to where the prone body lies and wasting no time, sticks his semi hard penis into the sub’s willing mouth. In a display of superior strength and agility Nick props himself on one fist so he can face fuck the dirty bastard underneath him, the tread on his dirty construction site boots aiding his grip as he pummels ben’s face with long fluid strokes.

When Lee arrives on site he decides this sub will serve his Masters best if he were to be hung up from the ceiling by the straps on his ankles, giving access to both his mouth and his arse for the Top’s pleasure.

Lee also has a surprise in store for ben. An electric reciprocating power saw has been ‘pimped’ with a thick rubber dildo now replacing the blade on the shaft. Lee’s intention is plain to see – ben is going to get roasted, his slutty anus ruined by the power tool at the same time as Nick face fucks him.

The power tool goes to work pumping the prosthetic cock deep into ben’s bowel, the sub’s moans muted as his throat get’s repeatedly rammed by Nick hard dick.

Master Lee is a vicious bastard. With a squeeze of the trigger he sets the power saw thrusting at an ever intensive rate into the sub’s arse. Gasping for a breath, ben momentarily releases Nick’s cock from his mouth, drawing wrath from his Master and a stinging hand slap to the face for his pathetic effort.

The thickness of the dildo creates a tight seal on the sub’s sphincter, every pulse of the power tool creating a vacuum that feel’s like ben’s rectum is being sucked inside out. Even a slutty sub like ben has never been fucked so relentlessly before, his moans coming thick and fast as the rubber cock slams into him.

Demanding the sub be quiet, Nick drops his firm rounded buttocks onto ben’s face, covering the noisy cunt. Nick orders him to eat his arse and like an obedient sub, ben goes to work licking his Master’s puckered opening.

Lee discards the power tool dildo, then grabbing the back of ben’s head, rams it deeper between Nick’s arse cheeks. The anal assault takes it’s toll on ben who gasps for air each time Lee releases his head before the next thrust, much to Lee’s amusement and laughter.

Master Nick takes up position behind the sub and slips his thick cock deep into ben’s bowel with one push, the bottom’s sphincter now offering little resistance following the earlier anal assault. Lee squat’s over the sub’s face and barks orders at ben to service his arse hole and cock using just his mouth.

Both Tops roast the lucky sub in a fuck frenzy, Nick ruining ben’s arse while Lee grabs the sub’s head and face fucks him for all he’s worth. When Lee is ready to empty his balls he orders ben to stick his tongue out so that it flicks on the underside of his helmet, moments later Lee sprays his seed across the sub’s face and head before ramming his spent penis back into ben’s mouth to clean.

Nick sinks his cock deep into ben’s anus one final time then stands to unload his jizz over the sub’s upturned feet.

Having no further use for ben the two Master’s leave him hanging from the ceiling, covered in their spunk and confined by his binding.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 11:06
Video: 960×540, Windows Media Video 9, 2142kbps
Audio: 62kbps

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