Session 52: Master Lee & Master Nick


Rope tied to some construction work benches, bottom ben is about to find out just how inventive and vicious his Masterful captors can be.

Initially only Lee is at the construction site and not wishing to pass up an opportunity for some fun at the expense of a sub, goes to work on ben from the get-go. First he checks the bottom is wearing a cock cage. Any pleasure the dirty little fuck might gain from today’s session will be negated by him growing a painfully restricted hardon.

The thrill of tormenting ben spurs Lee on to his first surprise. Climbing up onto the work bench Lee straps a ball gag into ben’s mouth in readiness to muffle any screams or moans that may come from the sub – Lee then reveals an automatic spanking machine with a wide, vicious looking leather paddle that he plans to use on ben’s arse.

Being a Powerful Master, Lee relishes inflicting pain by his own hand, but by using the spanking machine he can deliver a never tiring torment which will not lose momentum or power. Each strike will be just as harsh and vicious as the first delivered in painfully regular bursts which Lee eagerly demonstrates to ben before placing the machine within spanking distance of the sub’s arse.

The machine, set to only half power, makes ben’s arse cheeks redden within a few strokes. With the sub biting into the ball gag to contain his cries Master Lee revels in the flinches and body spasms the thrashing paddle elicits from the restrained bottom.

Another benefit of using the spanking machine to meter out punishment is that Lee is free to unleash a second, simultaneous and equally humiliating torment on the chastened sub.

Removing the gag from ben’s mouth, Lee orders the sub to suck on his Master’s cock. If ben should fail to do a good enough job, adjudged by Lee of course, then the full wrath and power of the spanking machine will be unleashed. Keen not to court any more of his Master’s displeasure, slutty bottom ben suckles and sucks on Lee’s penis until it stands hard and rigid in front of him. Lee decides ben’s effort hasn’t been good enough as not enough of the young Master’s thick prick has been gobbled down the slutty bottom’s throat. Ben only has himself to blame as Lee carries out his threat and switches the machine to full power.

Ben’s crimson arse cheeks get whacked so painfully hard that he is having trouble sucking Master Lee’s stiff cock between the thrashes and his moaning. Before the bottom is totally spent, Lee has a new way to punish ben…

Stabbing his cock between ben’s raw paddled arse cheeks, Lee drives home his erection into the sub’s anus, only stopping when his stomach slaps hard against the sub’s red bum cheeks. Hand smacking the resistant sub’s sore skin Lee orders ben to relax his sphincter and take all of his thick dick deep inside.

Focused on burying all of his cock deep into ben’s bowel, Lee grips the edges of the makeshift plasterboard platform that the sub is tied to for extra leverage and fuck’s ben for all he is worth, visibly past the threshold of what this slutty sub can comfortably take.

Nick arrives and grabbing the opportunity to join in the humiliation of ben gets naked and positions himself on the platform with his arse right in the face of the sub. Pulling apart his buttocks, Nick steers ben’s face deep into his sweaty crack, ordering the bottom to lap and rim his ripe crap hole while Lee continues to breed the cunt hard from behind.

With Nick’s arse now devoid of sweat he turns around, feeding ben his penis to detail but only by using just his mouth and tongue. Such a simple task for this cock whore, ben goes to work suckling Nick’s dick, tongue bathing the head and shaft of his Master’s erection and cleaning every trace of sweat from the helmet.

Nick is close to emptying his balls. Grabbing a handful of the sub’s hair, Nick has complete control of ben’s head, which he moves at his will. Positioning the sub’s mouth just over the end of his cock, Nick grips tighter onto ben’s hair as a volley of cum spews from the end of his cock and across the slutty bottom’s open mouth.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 16:53
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Audio: 62kbps

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