Session 139: Master Shamus


Shamus is training filthy little arse whore ben on how to best to serve his Master; Ben is being led around his own home like a doggie on all fours, his penis in tightly constricting chastity.

In ben’s lounge Shamus stops by the sofa and orders the sub to stick it’s tongue in his arse. Obeying like a good doggie ben spreads his Master’s buttocks apart so Shamus’ puckered bud is in full view, wasting no time ben begins servicing it with his mouth, pushing his sloppy wet tongue deep into the Top’s tight hole.

With his arse detailed and cleaned Shamus instructs ben to suck his dick. He wants it nice and hard for the next part of this dirty sluts training.

What a good little cock sucker this sub is. Shamus’ penis is soon standing thick and proud from all the attention ben’s mouth and tongue have been giving it, the girth proving no trouble for the slutty sub as his mouth stretches around the end to fit it in his mouth, licking up and down the Top’s shaft and giving it his full attention, worshipping every inch of it.

Having stretched it’s slutty little mouth on his fully erect cock, Shamus turns on ben and pins him down on the sofa, sinking his monster cock deep into ben’s arse and fucking the cunt like a whore.

Shamus does not hold back, gripping the sub’s ankles for leverage he pummels it’s slutty arse, flipping it over and holding it’s throat tight in his strong hand, squeezing hard so ben struggles for breath as he feels Shamus’ cock plough deep into his gut…

Selfishly taking his pleasure Shamus relentlessly fucks the sub, enjoying the discomfort and pain he’s causing, not to mention hearing ben gasp for every breath of air.

Nearing his orgasm Shamus pull’s out of it’s arse and dumps his load into ben’s mouth and down his throat, scooping up any sperm from the sub’s face and feeding it to him on his fingers. Not a drop is to be wasted…

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