Session 136: Master Shamus


Made to crawl naked on all-fours like a dog, sub ben is led upstairs by Master Shamus, the Top’s leather belt fastened tightly around ben’s neck as its leash. It’s as if the Top owns the house, not ben.

Entering the bathroom ben is made to clean the toilet seat and bowl using his own toothbrush, the humiliation coursing through his body as he sets to work with the tiny brush between his teeth, trying to please his Master but being beaten across his bare buttocks for slacking or not paying enough attention to the task, each stinging lash of the crop feels like his skin is being cut open.

Shamus gives his toilet doggie a Master’s treat, a generous mouthful of gob which ben eagerly swallows.

Maybe doggie is thirsty after all his toilet cleaning. Pulling down the fly of his jeans, Shamus whips out his cock and orders ben to swallow his piss, the Master’s torrent beginning before the sub has time to compute the order, by which time urine is splashing against its lips and face. Mouth now open, ben tries to guzzle and swallow his Master’s relentless yellow flow, spilling some and making even more of a mess on the bathroom floor.

With his bladder now empty Shamus sets about punishing the sub for wasting his precious nectar, ordering ben to lap the piss up off the floor until it’s all been consumed. In an instant ben is head down slurping at the stinking yellow liquid. What a dirty obedient bitch ben is turning out to be.

The Top has a new task for ben’s filthy mouth. With it’s belly full of piss the sub happily sucks on his Master’s penis making it grow into a thick erect monster. Struggling to fit the hard cock into it’s mouth, the greedy little slut licks and slurps at the shaft and his Master’s plump balls.

The sub has proved what a talented mouth and tongue he has. Just as well as Master Shamus is going to put it to the test, after he has taken a crap in ben’s toilet…

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