Session 135: Master Joel & Master Lukas


Slutty sub peter got more than he bargained for when he picked up these two thugs in a sleazy cruise bar for a threesome…

Now locked in a stark unfamiliar building he has no option but to obey his Masters every command. Stripped naked, a dog collar and leash strapped to his neck he is completely at their mercy, to be used in any way they see fit.

Slowly stroking their sizeable penises the thugs order their new cock-whore to suck them until they are fully erect, a job this sub immediately jumps to with great relish, slurping and greedily sucking every inch of the Master penises down into its gullet, gasping for breath in its haste.

Joel checks out the sub’s dirty loose arse as Lukas splutters it on his rigid dick. Both Masters are going to use this cunt as their fuck toy, but first they’ll loosen it up a little at both ends.

With Joel ploughing its arse and Lukas face fucking it with his thick cock this whore must think all it’s Birthdays have arrived, but these Tops do not do anything by half. Relentlessly they fuck both ends of the cunt, using it’s holes to pleasure themselves, swapping ends like a vicious tag team to continue their assault.

Nearing their orgasms the Tops lips meet, a passionate kiss as they fuck the dirty little slut ever harder.

Lukas is first to unload, several thick spurts of cum splatter the sub’s face and lips, Master Joel on hand to scoop up any stray sperm back into the sub’s greedy mouth; Not a drop of the Masters precious cum is to be wasted.

Joel takes his turn to dump a sackful of spunk down the sub’s slutty throat, ordering peter to open his mouth and show his Master that every drop has indeed been devoured. What a filthy little whore…

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