Session 134: Master Shamus


"Start playing with yourself you dirty little slut… Now, shove your fingers up your arse while you wank…"

Anal whore ben only hooked up online with Master Shamus a couple of minutes before and already the Top has him naked, jacking off and fingering his own arse as he gets directed over the phone by his new Master, Shamus’ strong dominant tone doesn’t give ben even a second to think for himself, he just does as he is told…

Just as ben works himself up ready to orgasm the line goes lifeless. An instant message flashes up on his computer screen instructing ben to buy some things before they meet…

Some days later at the appointed hour ben opens the front door to his vision of perfection. Humiliated into wearing flashy underwear that’s much too small for him, self conscious but eager to serve Master Shamus as commanded, he drops to his knees and tongue bathes the Top’s dirty boots.

Next, to add to the humiliation, ben is ordered to clean and worship the Top’s other boot while fingering his own arse, moaning with pleasure he carries out his Masters commands to the letter.

Ben could never have imagined what was to happen next as Master Shamus ties his leather belt around the sub’s neck like a pooch leash, then opening the front door, leads ben outside to parade the naked puppy around the street for everyone to see. The embarrassment shows in ben’s flushed red face.

Back inside the house and with the sub’s cock now tightly constricted in a chrome chastity collar Shamus continues to instruct the sub in oral servitude; Demanding his sweaty armpits are detailed in ben’s slutty wet mouth, the hairs sucked cleaned of dirt and perspiration.

With his armpits clean Shamus orders ben to suck his thick, veined cock, the keen sub making his Master’s penis grow stiff and hard as his greedy little mouth gets stretched trying to devour every inch of the Top’s monster.

With it’s pitiful cock in constricting chastity, the only pleasure ben will feel is when Master Shamus decides he has earn’t the reward, but for the moment this Master’s jock-strapped arse needs eating…

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