Session 130: Master Joel & Master Lukas


Sub peter is holed up in an unfamiliar room with two Masters he thought ‘he’ was picking up in a sleazy cruise bar. The tables were turned when the Tops worked him over back at "Joel’s place" but what fate lies in store for the pathetic bottom next? The riding crops wielded by each Master might give the idiot some clue!

A pony bit is strapped tightly into the bottom’s aching jaw. With Master Joel’s firm bare buttocks on his back peter is made to give the Top a ride around their makeshift course, a dog leash controlling the pony’s direction and Joel’s leather crop to increase the pony’s speed.

To begin with peter has some strength so Joel only has to tap him lightly with the crop across his exposed arse to make him move. But the useless bottom is soon exhausted, and despite clear warnings of a severe punishment, he collapses underneath the Top.

For interrupting the Master’s ride the lazy cunt receives some swift & nasty lashes across his rump, instantly reddening his buttocks, angry welts criss-crossing his skin where the leather crop landed.

Lukas strips off for his turn, aiming to exhaust the pony and work it into the ground as he rides it around the circuit, verbally abusing the pathetic bottom’s efforts and adding more red stripes to it’s already glowing arse cheeks with his crop each time peter stops or collapses.

The sub sobs uncontrollably into his bit as Lukas and Joel decide to give peter one last chance to make a full lap of the circuit, but this time carrying both Masters on his back.

It doesn’t even manage to take a stride before collapsing from exhaustion. This sub doesn’t deserve to have his Master’s perfect bare arses on his back. All this useless idiot is good for is cleaning his Master’s dirty sweaty feet with his sloppy wet mouth and tongue.

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