Session 127: Master Daryl & Master Darren


An electric dog collar is a cruel invention designed to punish dogs by remote control with an electric shock. The strength of the shock is determined by the number printed on the keypad buttons operated by the dog’s master. The higher the number the more painful the shock. Owing to the fact that dogs tend to have thick insulating fur the electric shocks are very powerful. On a human these shocks have been likened to a relentless cropping with a leather whip delivered in a single second…

Sadistic tops Darren and Daryl are in a humorous mood. Painpig is naked, tied and hanging upside down which gives the tops wicked ideas. First they attach an electric shock collar to painpig’s neck. With Master Darren at the controls painpig is allowed to guess certain numbers which Darren translates into levels of pain that he is going to dish out. Shocked over and over by increasing levels the sub twitches and doubles up with hilarious results for the vicious tops.

Then there is the electric zapper. It simply places an electric charge between two metal contacts at the end of the red plastic wand. The skin of a bottom completes the circuit causing the power to discharge through its body. It’s like being severely smacked but far more convenient for the top, and the perfect combination when used with the shock collar. Darren and Daryl have one each.

The 2 tops alternate between shocking painpig with the collar and zappers, the poor sub twitching and writhing in pain making the tops laugh all the more at his plight and encouraging them to raise the level of pain they are dishing out. Upping the frequency of the shocks they also circle around its body, shocking his nipples, cock and balls with joyous abandon while painpig pleads and cries for mercy.

All the sadistic fun makes the tops thirsty so they partake of refreshments, which they spit out all over painpig’s tormented body. Unfortunately for the whimpering sub this added moisture makes the shocks ten times worse than they already are! Seeing this the tops fiendishly drop their pants and whip out their cocks.

Fountains of fresh piss cascade down the bottom’s body which he is then ordered to lap up. He splutters on piss as it gushes into his mouth, up his nostrils and in his eyes, his face drenched in piss and with no way of escape. Painpig makes the mistake of spitting some out so he can breathe which provokes the tops into thinking he is ungrateful. The short respite from electric shocks comes to an end as they now dish it out relentlessly. Painpig convulses this way and that crying out miserably for mercy through piss tainted tears…

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