Session 119: Master Derek & Master Guy


Derek’s car needs fixing so he drops it in at Master Guy’s Auto Shop. The hairy mechanic has been hard at work all day and is covered in engine oil, dirt and sweat, it’s even matted into his sexy chest fur.

Looking for a good price on his repair, Derek offers his sub peter to be Guy’s personal oil rag, he’ll detail every inch of the stinky Top’s body, removing the grimy dirt and oil matted into Guy’s chest and body hair using just his mouth and tongue.

Collecting the sub from the boot of his car, Derek tugs on the dog leash fastened to the collar around peter’s neck, dragging him in front of the Top ready to begin his task. Guy is very particular about how he wants to be serviced. His sweaty, oily overalls must be removed by the sub using just his teeth; And any biting will be severely punished, then Guy wants a thorough clean, not an inch is to be missed or there will be trouble…

Not heeding Guy’s warning peter gets a good kicking to teach him to be more attentive in future to his Master’s orders. From it’s kneeling position in front of Guy, Master Derek can easily grab a handful of the sub’s cock and balls, squeezing hard he lifts the useless cunt by it’s tiny redundant genitals, making peter squeal like a little runt.

As punishment, they make the sub wash the car using his sloppy wet tongue then coat their arse cracks and puckered holes in more thick engine oil for peter to lick off and devour before Guy and Derek set about getting their pricks serviced in the sub’s slutty wet mouth, in tandem one after the other.

This sub finally does something right, sucking each Top’s ample penis to a rigid erection, proving he might just have some uses after all…

Not that either Top is interested, after damaging the prick with their large stiff cocks they drop him to his knees like a sack of spuds, standing over him with their turgid dicks swinging about.

The prone sub gets trampled under foot, the full weight of each Master crushing his body as the deep tread on their dirty work boots bites into his soft skin; They wipe their feet and use him like a crappy doormat…

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