Session 118: Master Toby & Master Joel


Rock God Master Joel and his vicious roadie Master Toby are waiting after the show. Sub peter eagerly accepts Toby’s offer of some booze, not fully thinking through just what this Top might have in store for him.

Pushing the slutty arsed bottom onto his back, Toby orders the sub to raise his legs for easy access to his bum hole. Joel holds peter still as Toby inserts the tapered end of a funnel between the sub’s buttocks, penetrating his anus and sliding the full length of the tube into it’s bowel. Toby orders peter to grip the funnel tight in his arse using just his ring piece – good luck with that one Toby…

Grabbing a selection of bottles Toby pours a special mix down the neck of the funnel and into the sub’s arse. This is going to be one very special cocktail for the dirty little fucker to enjoy.

Pulling the funnel out of it’s arse, peter is instructed to clench his hole shut and stand up – ANY drips of Master Toby’s special mix will be punished severely. A good cocktail needs to be shaken, so ordering the sub to dance around the room, Toby and Joel throw in a few punches spanks and lashes of the flogger to keep peter moving.

With the Top’s special cocktail well and truly mixed, peter is ordered to squat down and release some of the disgusting looking arse slurry into a martini glass, finished off by Toby adding a couple of maraschino cherries.

Having a cavernous bowel like peters means it’s a never ending cocktail hour as another glass of the brown looking slurry gets squirted out and guzzled by the greedy cunt…

Maybe the sub wants a chaser with his cocktail? Gobbing back of the throat phlegm and bladder fulls of piss into a glass to wash down the anal slurry martinis, peter is then made to use his tongue as a dish cloth to clean out the filthy cocktail glass, detailing it till it’s sparkling clean…

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