Session 114: Master Nick & Master Lukas


Scally lad Nick is enjoying a sneaky cigarette by the urinals of a sleazy public convenience. Lurking around naked on the floor is a toilet pig on the look out for some cock, piss or whatever else he can slurp up with his dirty little mouth.

Wanting to ash his cigarette, Nick pulls martin’s head back and uses it’s mouth as his ashtray, ordering the sub to swallow every morsel. Forgetting to thank his Master, martin gets a smack around the head and some verbal from the Top. Best he doesn’t forget his place again or Master Nick might not be so forgiving next time…

Handsome chav Lukas turns up for a shit, moaning to Nick about the lack of toilet paper to wipe his arse with when he’s finished. It’s Lukas’ lucky day, Nick volunteers using the toilet lurker martin’s mouth and tongue to get his hairy arse sparkling clean after his dump. After all, what’s the point of dominating a filthy cottager in a public toilet unless you’re going to TOTALLY degrade it?

With Lukas sat reading the paper having his daily constitutional, Nick gets the urge to piss. Instead of taking his pants off he makes martin suck and slurp at the material as it gets slowly soaked in more and more of his stinking piss.

The subs half-hearted attempt to clean up his Masters yellow stream irks Nick, kicking the useless cunt in the ribs he orders the sub to lie on its back on the urine covered floor, then standing over him continues with his piss.

The hot stream splashes off the sub’s face and body, the Top’s socks soaked in the pool of urine sloshing about his feet on the filthy tiled floor. Not wanting to waste any of his precious liquid Nick feeds the toilet pig his soiled socks to suck on. Nick then generously wrings out his pissed soaked underwear and socks into martins piggy little mouth and over its pathetic undeserving body.

Lukas is through with his crap and needs the sub’s slutty mouth and tongue to detail his soiled arsehole clean. Crawling on its hands and knees across the piss covered floor to Master Lukas, martin’s tongue is quickly put to work bathing and licking the Top’s dirt covered sphincter. Even the matted hairs around Lukas’ stinking crap chute get sucked clean.

Ordering martin to seal his mouth over his Master’s hole, Lukas has a reward for him, juicy wet farts delivered straight into it’s mouth.

Thoroughly degraded, martin is made to writhe and wriggle on his back as the two handsome chavs empty the rest of their bladders over him, coating his equally pathetic body with piss and weeks worth of dirt from the toilet floor.

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