Session 110: Master Nick & Master Derek


Handsome sailors Nick and Derek are on their first night of shore leave. It’s been a long tour of duty and our two sex starved seamen are on a mission to get pissed, get laid and cause as much mayhem as they can.

A red light catches their eye in a nearby window and going in are greeted not by a sexy temptress but by slutty sub martin instead. Disappointed and pissed off they decide to have some bully boy fun at this arse whores expense.

Swigging from their bottles they order martin to strip while performing a sexy dance for them, much to their amusement. Puffing on a cigarette as the pathetic show continues, Nick has nowhere to ash his fag so uses martins mouth instead, spitting brew into the sub’s receptive orifice to wash it all down. What a kind Master he is.

Cigarettes spent they are ashed and extinguished in the human ashtray’s mouth, copious amounts of secondhand brew spat in on top to then be chewed down to a pulp.

Ordered to remove his Masters tops, martin eagerly strips off their pristine uniforms to reveal sexy muscled bodies earned from hours of endless hard toil.

Master Derek gets a whiff of his stinky sweaty armpits; It’s not pleasant smell. In their haste to get ashore both Tops neglected to shower that days dirt and grime from their bodies so instead take turns showering courtesy of the sub’s sloppy wet mouth, Nick ramming it’s head firmly under his pit and locking it in there, his tattooed bulging bicep acting like a vice to keep the sub’s tongue in permanent contact with his stinky matted underarm hair.

Taking some rope they’ve found, Derek and Nick set about tying up their whore, laughing at it laid out on the floor unable to move or get away. Tasked with removing their shoes and socks the useless prick fails miserably, eventually using his teeth to try and pull off Master Derek’s sweaty odorous socks.

Derek uses martin’s tongue to clean the sweat from the soles of his bare feet and dirt from between his toes, sucking and slurping away every salty trace of perspiration as Nick tramples up and down it’s body, bringing his full weight to bear, squashing the sub’s tiny cock under foot.

Teasing the immobile cunt, Nick and Derek strip each other naked, making martin watch as their beautiful naked bodies are revealed. So close but unable to touch until the Masters give him their permission.

Squatting over the sub’s face Nick orders it to stick out it’s tongue ready to receive his puckered anus for detailing, lowering his perfect buttocks down to envelope over martins mouth and seal it completely onto his hole.

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