Second Anointing (with President Lewis)

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Studio: Missionary Boyz

Doubt is an integral part of any young man’s journey towards salvation, and Elder Hansen has experienced plenty of it. Sincethe beginning of his mission, he has struggled to come to terms with his own sexuality, sneaking secret shower rendez-vous with his fellow missionaries between orgasmic physical encounters with the men of The Order. But as he progresses through the steps of his mission, he has become more confident in his identity and the role of physical pleasure in his enlightenment.
President Lewis has been tracking the boy’s evolution from the beginning, and is pleased to see that the young man is starting to understand that carnal delight is part of the process of spiritual cleansing. In order to wash away his sins, the boy must come face to face with his darkest desires, allowing the firm-handed man to run his guiding fingers over every inch of his unclean flesh. No secret can be withheld and no temptation ignored as Elder Hansen receives the honor of his Second Anointing.
President Lewis traces the young man’s limbs with a sacred cloth, covering the boy in holy water from the tip of his head to the bottoms of his toes – the young boy must be wiped clean of his past indiscretions so the Lord may accept him into his gracious light. As the boy’s history of sin and deceit is drawn out of him, his purity may be experienced in its most visceral form.
President Lewis clamps his hand on Edler’s chin, pulling him forcefully into a sensuous embrace. He kisses the boy, tasting the desire on his lips as doubt begins to resurface in the boy’s mind. Elder Hansen feels the fear inside him trying to break free, wanting only to fill him with anxiety and confusion. But President Lewis’s grasp keeps him steady. He feels his soul satisfied as the older man licks his asshole, sending a warm sensation over his entire body. He can hardly contain his pleasure as the older man grabs his red hot cock, pulling it between his legs to kiss the tip tenderly.
Elder Hansen knows that he must show President Lewis the level of his commitment to his mission, and does so by showering the man in physical reverence with a wet blowjob. He strokes his cock with a sense of determination and focus, hoping to submit to President Lewis’s will in every way. He wants the experienced man’s morality and steadfastness to engulf him. He believes the only way to embody the spirit of the Lord is to accept the older man’s physical being into his own. He presents his pulsing asshole for the hungry man to ravish with his fat cock, and gives up all control as he mounts him. Elder Lewis rails the boy’s young hole, and is more sure than ever that he will be a perfect fit for The Order. The young man’s lustful moans reverberate through the halls of the temple as his future in the mission is silently decided upon.

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