Scout Boys – Lessons in Discretion – Scout Jack Bailey Chapter 2


Release Year: 2021
Studio: Scout Boys
Cast: Jack Bailey, Scoutmaster Smith
Genres: anal, bareback, gay, kissing, oral, porn

My name is Mr. Smith, and I’ve been a scoutmaster for more years than I care to admit to. I recently took early retirement from a pretty stressful job in the city and moved upstate to do all the stuff I’d always figured it would be fun to do at some point in my life. The only downside of the move was the need to switch scout troops, but I found a pretty friendly group up here and I’ve settled in quite well. One of the definite perks of being a scoutmaster is the ability to shape a young man’s destiny by teaching him skills and opening his tender mind to new ideas and concepts. Every-so-often, I find myself developing quite a keen interest in a boy. It can be fun to toy with him a bit… even give him a look which makes him blush… I can’t deny having a bit of a desire for the young men in my troop. As I spend more time around them, I feel myself becoming alive in ways I didn’t expect. I’ve always seen myself as attracted to men, but these boys have something special… something that makes me see them more than just promising young men. I’ve had my eye on Jack ever since I joined this scout group. He’s got a winning smile and lips I just wanna get my big daddy tongue between. I know he’s been with other boys and probably some of the scoutmasters. Although he gives the impression of being all coy and demure, there’s a vibe about him which tells me he definitely knows more than most boys his age. I finally managed to get him on his own the other day. I was a bit sneaky and told him he was in trouble and that his punishment was staying at base camp with me and missing the day’s activity. The poor boy was a bit upset, but I knew that wasn’t gonna last long! I told him to go and sit in one of the tents for a while to think about what he’d done, then let him stew for a while before going in there myself and sitting next to him, pretending to be angry. Then I told him we had a strict moral code at the scouts and that, if he was gonna go with another boy in the future, he’d need to keep it a secret. You should have seen the look on his face as I started to massage his knee. His dick was bulging in his shorts within seconds, so I started to run my hand up and down his chest, and then all over his body. He was shaking like a leaf; a mixture of nerves and unbelievable excitement. I undid his neckerchief and started to unbutton his shirt to expose that sweet-scented, smooth skin before thrusting my hand up the leg of his shorts. His eyes immediately rolled to the back of his head and his legs were suddenly spreading real wide, like his whole body was helplessly opening up for me, like a little slut boy addicted to his big, burly bear-like dad. Then we started kissing and my dick was throbbing in my pants. And then I was suddenly all over him, kissing every part of him, wrapping myself around his tight, lithe, hairless body. I got his pants down and his dick was utterly solid. Moments later, I was unbuttoning my fly so that he could get his cute little lips all over my giant dick. That boy certainly knows how to suck! He’s plainly had his mouth around more than his fair share of cocks. The little bastard took the whole freakin’ length of it, right down into his tight, teenaged throat – and it felt fucking awesome. As he got stuck in, the sex-mad twink started humping his beautiful dick into the sleeping bag underneath him and his pert, peachy ass was rising and falling like some kind of crazy invitation! He was gonna get it so fucking hard. Seconds later, he was climbing onto me and lowering his tight bubble butt onto my thick man meat, then bouncing up and down like a true pro. I could feel my raw dick ramming right up inside him. It was like I had a clamp attached to my cock. I’ve genuinely never felt anything like it in my life before. It made me think dirty, nasty thoughts. I suddenly thrust myself into him as hard as I could. I went right up; through his inner sphincter and into his guts. He started to yell – it was like I’d winded him or something – but we were instantly connected. We were banging, even breathing as one… It felt incredible. I just wanted to spew my spunk into him. The boy started riding me faster and faster, writhing on my dick like a hungry whore. The kid’s got stamina! I was willing myself not to explode right away…

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