San Francisco Meat Packers – Fabio Stallone and Tony Orion


Studio: Raging Stallion

Tony Orion needs a job and the SF Meat Packers are hiring. He tells cigar-chomping foreman Fabio Stallone his lack of skills are offset by the fact that hes strong, hes flexible and he works really, really hard. Fabios cock twitches at the prospect. Some might call Tony a bear cub but Fabio is more interested in his potential as a sex pig. Is Tony ready to get his chops porked? Fabio pulls out a monster uncut cock and puts him to the test. Tony sucks like he came from a feed lot where dick was the only food. He lets Fabio undress him and Fabio is transfixed by Tonys hard, hairy buns. Fabio orders Tony to finger his hole, then he leans in for a sniff and a taste. Tonys loins get a tobacco baste when Fabio shoves his cigar up Tonys chute. Then the meat packing commences. Its a deep grinding fuck that leaves Tony wide-eyed and wet with double loads of jism.

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