Raging Stallion – Drenched In Piss County

The hot solar rays, beat down on a sun-drenched vineyard in wine country. Overheated, Damien Crosse takes a well-deserved break from plowing, and needs to unleash his swollen bladder filled with piss. Working nearby, Chris Porter is more than willing to be Damien’s piss receptacle. Chris drops eagerly to his knees, anticipating Damien’s steady piss stream from his thick rock-hard cock. Damien soaks Chris’ face and clothes, giving Porter liquid relief from the dry heat. Chris thirstily sucks the last drops from Damien’s thick man pipe, and continues to suck the urine-coated cock as Damien spits in his face. Now well lubricated, Crosse begins fucking Porter’s throat. Letting loose a full torrent of piss, coating Chris’ throat, as he takes it all in. With Chris now ready to return the favor, the piss pigs exchange kneeling and standing positions. Chris’ urine covers Damien’s face and mouth, dripping down to soak his hairy chiseled chest. Damien proceeds to chow down on Porter’s cock, sucking, and licking a cock covered, with spit and piss. The two trade off, taking turns pissing on each other, until Damien takes charge and bends the work boy over a table. Spitting on his crack, Damien shoves his thick man-meat mercilessly into Porter’s hole. Porter takes it, a mixture of pain and pleasure are reviled on his face, as he gets the fuck he’s been waiting for. Damien picks up speed, and begins to power fuck the smaller stud. With an unrelenting stroke, Damien’s tool digs deep on Chris’ hole, as he pounds it harder and harder. Crosse then flips Porter over to fuck him missionary, but not before he unloads another round of piss, soaking Chris’ body fully. Chris joins in, and releases his own river, soaking himself, now already glistening under the sunlight. Damien shoves his cock in yet again, and pounds Chris to orgasm. Still building to finish, Damien continues to fuck Chris, suddenly pulling out his fuck tool, to shoot his thick white load over Chris’ cum and urine-stained shirt.

Race Cooper cools off in a pool of water, as vineyard worker Kennedy Carter, finishes up his chores. Race comes out of the pool, with drops of water, streaming down his ripped abs. Kennedy needing some refreshment, comes right up to Race and is ready to take the golden that Race offers. Kennedy goes down and begins to deep-throat Race’s thick black cock, sucking up all the urine that he can. Carter sucks wildly, as Race leans back and enjoys the vigorous blowjob. Kennedy then flips Race over, so he can eat this rich full man ass. Ramming his tongue into Race’s hole, Kennedy chews on Cooper’s dark star. Standing up, he then releases his large pink uncut cock from this work pants; and proceeds to piss all over Race’s muscular back and ass. Carter then shoves his cock into Race’s drenched cheeks, plowing deeply, as his cock disappears into Race’s hungry hole. Kennedy fucks Race steadily for a while, pounding his hole, until he needs to unleash his bladder again. Race crouches down, and takes Kennedy’s stream all over his face and body. Soon focusing on sucking Kennedy’s cock dry, Cooper hungrily tries to get every last drop. Race sucks it down fast, but his thirst seems unquenchable as he lifts Kennedy up, to squat on his face, and begins to eat out his pink hole. Race shows he loves to rim, sending jolts of pleasure to Kennedy’s hole, with every lick and tongue thrust. Unable to contain himself anymore, Race needs to fuck that sweet hole. Race slides his thick black cock into the wet and open pinkness. Kennedy bent over now, takes it like a man, pushing back to receive more. Race fucks him for a while, but soon needs relief from the geyser pushing up from within. Race pulls out, and releases a powerful urine fountain, flowing fully. Pissing all over Kennedy’s back, as well as into his own mouth, Race up the hot liquid. Kennedy comes sits on Race’s cock, and rides it hard, making Kennedy’s cock smack repeatedly against his belly. Kennedy fucks himself with Race’s thick fuck pole, as he gyrates and grinds the black studs cock, deeper and deeper into his ass. Kennedy impales himself to orgasm, with Race then pulling out his cock, and cumming all over Kennedy’s chest. Not fully spent, Race shoots out one more stream of hot urine, to wash Kennedy’s cum soaked torso.

Damien Crosse sits underneath a tall oak tree; taking a break from the long hours of working in the vineyard, to have some food and wine. He grabs a ripe peach, and cuts it with his sharp pocketknife. Kennedy Carter comes off from working in the vineyard, and joins him. The juice of the peach drips off of Damien’s parched lips, as he shares the peach with his fellow field worker and buddy, Kennedy. Kennedy devours the peach, while Damien sips on red wine from a large jug. Giving into thirst, Damien begins to chug the wine, as it drips down his well tanned chiseled torso. The two share the wine, by passing it between their lips, giving into the and attraction between them. Damien leans back against the tree, and pulls out his thick uncut cock. Pointing it straight up towards the sky, he starts pissing on himself, soaking his work pants and torso. Kennedy bends down and takes the arcing stream of piss into his mouth, submerging his tongue in the hot liquid. After Damien’s water fountain goes dry, Carter’s thirst seems unquenched, and sucks his buddy’s thick slab of beef, hoping for more. Kennedy works his way up and down the shaft, getting Damien’s cock lubricated with his saliva. Kennedy then licks the urine from Damien’s torso, and carves a path up to his mouth for a deep wet kiss. Crosse feeling even more thirst from the rich wine, bends over to take Kennedy’s thick cock into his mouth. Damien sucks his buddy’s cock, while Kennedy from the jug once more, carelessly spilling wine, covering his torso and cock. on cock, Damien sucks the wine droplets from Kennedy’s body, quickly returning to service his buddy’s member. The two swap back and forth, sucking cock, and chugging from the jug of wine. Each of them, enjoying fully, the pleasure of their vices. Kennedy gets up, and lets out a thick hot waterfall of piss that drenches Damien. Damien opens his mouth wide, and takes the seemingly endless stream of piss in his mouth. Crosse spits the urine back at Kennedy as Kennedy keeps pissing. With Kennedy leaning against a wooden ladder, Damien pisses once again before plunging his cock up Kennedy’s tight white ass. Damien has no mercy when it comes to fucking. He plows Kennedy’s asshole deep, hard and fast, as if rushing to finish the fields before the sun sets. He power fucks Carter’s ass, then pulls out to unleash another stream of piss that covers Kennedy’s back and posterior. Damien remounts Kennedy, and rides him some more sending shards of up Carter’s spine. Damien then rolls Kennedy on to his back, on some wine barrels, and fucks Kennedy into full submission. Damien has the stamina of a well-bread stallion, keeping a steady rhythm in his fucking. He pulls out occasionally to douse Kennedy with more of his piss, but quickly shoves his cock back to bury it deep in Kennedy. He increases the velocity of his pounding until Kennedy can’t take it anymore, and shoots a huge cum-load all over his upper-body. Excited by Kennedy’s orgasm, Damien fucks harder, then pulls out and shoots his man juice all over Kennedy’s cum and urine soaked belly. The two collapse in exhaustion, after a long hard day in the fields, and the consumption of fruit and wine.

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