Chocolate Dessert

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Beaux Mecs 2

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Casual Friday

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Century Mining (1985)

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Hide and Go Twink

Year: 2010 Country: USA Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Twinks (Young Meat), Amateur Length: 00:33:40 There’s a thing about twinks. They’re very playful young guys.

Fire Dance

Year: 2006 Country: South America Genre: group sex, anal, leather, tattoos, the trio, dildo, duets Running time: 162 minutes Directed by: Kristen Bjorn Studio: Kristen Bjorn Video Starring: Juan Jimenez, Carlos Montenegro, Rocky Olivera, Carlos Caballero, Jean Franko, Max Veneziano, Alex Ribeiro, Falco Jambout, Alexandro Gonzalez, Tibor Cernan, Bruno Duarte, Matthias Vannelli, Zeca Romeiro, Mario Segovia, Mauricio Goldstein, Mukhtar Safarov , Eric Nogueira Description: Two brothers (Juan Jimenez and Carlos Montenegro) run a guest house on their family estate; a medieval chateau somewhere in Europe. Hot men from all over come to the chateau because of it’s beauty, and also because it’s tainted history.

Moscow: The Power of Submission

Year: 2001 Country: Russia Genre: anal, army, group sex, duos, blowjob, masturbation, trio, uniforms Duration: 2 hours 38 minutes Directed by: Kristen Bjorn Studio: SARAVA PRODUCTIONS Starring: Slava Petrovich, Alexander Byazrov, Kirill Veronkov (aka Andrei Nemoff), Yegor Seleznyov, Nestor Firsov, Boris Vladimirovich, Dima Chichay, Pyotr Chernov, Anton Sekhin and Vanya Viktorovich.

Forced Entry Club

Year: 2001 Country: USA Genre: oral, anal, rimming, rape, BDSM, bareback Length: 1:59:05 Studio: Puppy Productions Starring: Thomas Bjorn, Keb Sanders, Scott Thornton Description: “Forced Entry Club, shows unstoppable fuck veteran Thomas Bjorn, forcing his monster eight inch dick upon innocent young boys in this non-stop, hardcore, butt pounding, rape fantasy. The more they fight his will, the harder he pounds them … over-powered and forced to submission, all cum to his raw subservient desires

Brady Jensen and Landon Mycles

Year: 2010 Country: USA Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Muscle, Big Dick, Cumshot Length: 00:28:52 You’ll never think of take-out delivery the same after watching these two hot studs devouring each other in this new video! When Brady Jensen gets on the phone to order “Number 22” it’s a lip-licking surprise when he answers a knock at the door and finds hunky Landon Mycles waiting to be let in. It takes about two seconds for these muscle boys to start undressing each other, make out and explore each other’s incredibly toned bodies. Their hard cocks are begging for some attention before Brady’s got Landon-his special order-on his back, legs spread wide open

Throat Choke

Year: 2010 Country: USA Genre: Anal, oral Length: 00:21:21 When Jimmy Clay walked in on Brandon Lewis touching himself in the bathroom a few days ago, it wasn’t a surprise. These two friends have seen each other naked many times, and have even shared a few women over the years.On this particular day though, the two college aged guys were in a different mood.

Jake Steel e Matthew Star

Jake is making his rounds through the dorms looking for new “meat” to pledge his Fraternity. He comes across his brother’s friend, Matthew, and suggests he join. Jake tells Matthew that the frat brothers do “a lot of fun stuff and have a lot of brotherly secrets” ..

Horns of Plenty 2

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Horns of Plenty 1

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Enrico Cruiz

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Bare Flash Studio

Year: 2007 Country: Czech Republic Genre: Anal / Oral Sex, Bareback, Cumshot, Sucking, Group Sex, Twinks, Spunks Length: 1:42:40 Directed by: Rolf Hammerschmidt Studio: Hammer Entertainment Starring: Bryan Addams, Lucky Taylor, Billy Dexter, Steve Sunny, Marcio Gonzales, Mark Lopez, Jerry Harris, Nicolai Rivera, Clay Osborn, Dominik Trojan, Milos Mann, Description: This Rolf Hammerschmidt production offers you a peek inside the Hammer Entertainment photo studios! What a nice surprise. As generally known most photo sessions never end with just taking a few pictures! Our photographers are young, hot and horny, and they can rarely resist a beautifully boy untouched


Year: 1991 Country: USA Genre: vintage, comedy, twinks, masturbation, oral, anal, threesome Length: 1:21:01 Directed by: Richard Lawrence Studio: YMAC Video Cast: Billy Houston as Chris Darren Powers Jay Byrd Kip Kelly Pip Rick Pantera (90s) Robby Fox Scott Martin Tommy Wilde (R.I.P.) as Nikki Steele Description: Young Guns cocked and loaded.

Big Wood – Aden Jaric & Steven Daigle

Year : 2010 Country: USA Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Big Dick, Rimming, Cumshot Length : 00:20:26 Description : Rolling a wheelbarrow of heavy logs around is hard work and Steven Daigle is pooped. So when horny Aden Jaric drops by and teases him with a lewd proposal, Steven happily stops to take the muscly visitor up on his offer

Guys Go Crazy #29

Year: 2009 Country: Czechia Genre: Anal Sex, Big Loads, Big Cocks, Twinks, Oral Cumshots, Oral Sex, Orgy Length: 1:58:23 Directed by: Maurice Phillipe Studio: Eromaxx Starring: Denis Reed, Thomas Friedl, Robby Singleton, and a whole gang of newcomers Description At their annual mid-semester party, the dudes in the Czech branch of this all-gay international fraternity are getting their drink on and awaiting the new recruits. There’s some hot hazing action planned, complete with booze, candles, and lots of horny activity. The brothers are growing impatient, though, and decide to get things started while they’re waiting.

Bains Douches

Year: 2007 Country: France Genre: anal, oral sex, bareback, cumshots, group, twinks, spunks, big cocks Length: 1:58:08 Directed by: Stephane Moussu Studio: Clair Production Starring: Kee (Michael), Adrian Komar, Drago Lembeck, Lance Selleck, Robert Driveman, Ronny Silver, Rony Zaliv, Rublan Bask, Sanchez Viva, Sebastian De Long, Tom Novy, Barth, George, Jason, Johnny, Luke, Mike , Peter, Stephan, Xavier Description: Sauna club, here is the one you’d like to visit! Here eveyone has fis chance. Having non stop sex with the first you meet, playing with dildo and asking for more