Indecent Boys

Year: 2006 Country: Switzerland Genre: oral, anal, Teens (18-19) Length: 1:39:20 Studio: Eboys Studio Starring: Tigger, Steve, Alex, Kyle, Antony, Karl, Ivo, Costa. Age of actors: 18 years Description: Indecent Boys bring you real barebacker twinks who love to fuck more than anything else.

Load My Ass

Year: 2009 Genre: facials, threeways, hung, twinks, bareback, cumeating Length: 2:00:06 Director: Michael Paris Studio: Eboys Studio Starring: Brandon Junior, Andrew Shut, Ricky Odry, Tony Rush, Lucky Taylor, Tommy Sem, Jeremy Polo, Chris Ross, Martin Vide Description: YOU CANNOT IMAGINE WHAT THOSE HOT BOYS ARE UP TO! AS SEX ADDICTS THEY DESTROY ASSES WITH HUGE DICKS, LEAVE THE JIZZ INSIDE AND SWAP CUM LIKE DIRTY PIGS.

Raw Twink

Year: 2006 Country: Czech Republic Genre: Twinks, Bareback, Group, Gangbang, Train, Cum Eating Duration: 1 hour 48 min. Translation: None Russian subtitles: none Director: Michael Paris Studio: Eboys Studio Starring: Micky Aurelian Duval Micky Coolio and more ….. Description: It won’t take a minute before they start playing with huge dicks, fuck in every room and even make a 7-guy orgy in the living room.

Porn Factory

Year: 2004 Genre: Oral, Anal, Safe sex, Group Length: 1:54:14 Director: Conny Haller Studio: Ikarus Entertainment / Eboys Video Cast: David Scott, Jonathan Collins, Giovanni Floretto, Bob Duncan, Kid, Steffi Keyser, Gustavo, Philipp Randy, Roberto Strano, Sasha, Ricci Silverado, Martin Sandor, Adam Gosett, Johnny Sullivan Description: Talk about HOT.


Year: 2008 Genre: Anal, Oral Sex, Teens 18-24 Length: 2:09:36 Director: Michael Paris Studio: Eboys Studio Starring: Jose Manuel, Rendy Scott, David Loft, Max Fonda, John Paul, Janny Osborne, Rikky Garcia, Henry Bowle, Micky Janson, Chris Reed Description: Brings you 10 of the dirtiest boys fucking raw like animals. They are gorgeous, horny and driven by testosterone

Seed my Hole

Year: 2006 Genre: Bareback, Big Cocks, Big Loads, Collegiates, Cum Eating, Facial Cumshots, Oral Sex, Rimming, Smooth Dudes, Uncut Cock, Young Length: 1:42:00 Director: Michael Paris Studio: Eboys / RebelBoyz Cast: Carey Lexex, Brandon Junior, Shemin, Kozel, Richter, Newman, Micky Co. Description: It’s fucking time and all the boys are more than horny

Seeding Fuckholes

Year: 2008 Country: Czech Republic Genre: oral, anal, twinks Length: 1:41:39 Translation: None Russian subtitles: none Directed by: SAINT CYRE Studio: Eboys Studio Cast: Brandon Jr, Tony Rush, Dano Anael, Alex Arias, Jack Eyes, Petr Krasijevskij, Pavel Novak, John Francis, Thomas Bader, George Bellagio Description: SEEDING IS ALL THEY HAVE IN MIND! 10 GORGEOUS, HOT & DIRTY BOYS WITH RIPPED & SMOOTH BODIES, ADDICTED TO CUM FILLED HOLES. THEY ARE CUM CRAZY AND WILLING TO DROP HOT LOADS INTO OPEN ASSES. THEY HAVE HUGE DICKS AND FUCK EVERY HOLE UNTIL THE JIZZ EXPLODES

Steam Boys

Year: 2005 Country: Czech Republic Genre: Anal / Oral Sex, Bareback, Cumshot, Sucking, Group Sex, Twinks, Spunks Length: 1:30:13 Directed by: Romano Sen Studio: EBoys Video Cast: Leon Bruno Chance Patrick Crow Cyril Mike Drew Steve Drew Jacky Phil K. David Loft Little Tom Tutti Description: Eboys gives you 12 steaming boys fucking raw and getting plugged by huge dicks

Twinks Swallow 2

Year: 2005 Country: Czech Republic Genre: oral, anal, Teens Length: 1:15:48 Director: Michael Paris Studio: Eboys Video Starring: Davin Evenz, Julian Lee, Shawn O’Brien, Gianni, Caleb, Turbo, Keia, Jeremy Brooks, Anthony Torrez Description: Twink’s Swallow 2 offers the hottest Twinks fucking bareback and swallowing cum on video. Watch them fucking raw, rimming, fingering, sucking, playing with massive dildos and eating tons of cum from each other in this amazing video. Those boys are so horny that they will spend less than a minute before going directly to the action.

Seeding The Boys

Year: 2009 Country: Czech Republic Genre: Bareback, Oral / Anal Sex, Breeding, Seeding, Cum Eating, Young men Length: 1:55:24 Director: Michael Paris Studio: Eboys Studio Starring: Jose Manuel, Tony Rush, Steven Hill, Rick Odri, Donmar, Nico Ange, Felix Wallace, Dave Lik, Janny Morris Description: The title says it all!!! Hot & Horny Boys are loading tons of cum into wide open asses. they are pushing the limits of sex to a new Era! What better feeling than eating jizz from your ass

Twinks Swallow 3

Year: 2004 Genre: twinks, anal, finger fucking, bareback, cumshots, gang bang, rimming, threesomes, toys Length: 1:19:29 Director: Michael Paris Studio: EBoys Video Cast: Adam McKay, Calvin Christian, Dakota, Erik Jensen, Gianni, Iliech, Jason, The Pig Bottom, Julian Lee, Matthew, Jann Description: Who thought Twink’s Swallow could once more push the limits?

Twinks Swallow 4

Production year: 2004 Country: Czech Republic-Czech Republic Genre: Cumshot, Twink `s, Bareback, Anal Sex, Oral Sex Length: 1:30:48 Director: Michael Paris Studio: Eboys Studio Starring: Patrick Crow, Miki Sem, Dustman, Manuel, Dion, Alex Dave, Tutti, Rogen Venturini, Don Michail Description: If you are a bareback Twink Fan, rush to watch this movie. You will blow load after load watching our cute boys fucking raw and swallowing jizz. We have selected the most beautiful boys for Twink’s Swallow 4.

Take Me Raw

Year: 2007 Country: Czech Republik Genre: teenagers, european boys, bareback, outdoors Duration: 1 hour 41 min. Directed by: Stephane Moussu Studio: Tabou Video / Eboys Video / Clair production Starring: Sancho Sun, Alkazar, MK Maloy, Leon Romanov, Dim Lhivyl, Michael Bykow, Ignat Magnat, Yurij Boshkin, Andrew Cute and Bill Keller Description: It’s the end of summer. 10 friends spend some good time in a summer camp.

Twink’s Swallow

Year: 2002 Genre: twinks, anal, bareback scene, cumshots, uncut cocks, solo (some), public sex Duration: 00:59:58 Director: Michael Paris Studio: EBoys Video Starring: Brandon Weber, Court Logan, Roy Fischer, Stephan Lacoste, Tony Diaz, Troy Austin Description: The first film we reviewed for Eboys was Secret Desire (an all solo flick) and we were pleasantly surprised to find fresh faces and sweet cock. This second film is no different.


Year: 2007 Country: Czech Republik Genre: Amateur Twink Actions, bareback Duration: 2 h 30 min (!) Director: Robert Boggs Studio: Ayor Studios Cast: Filip: Mark Zebro, Peter: Sebastian Stone, Jakub: Sebastian Polner Robert: Adam Kubick, Dominik: Dominik Trojan, Ondra: Ondrej Sokol, Boris: Johny Hunter, Tomas: Genadij Prokov Description: Buddies is a ‘real life series’, a true serial, showing the lives of very hot and beautiful young guys in Prague today, who share a penthouse apartment, fuck each other, work and party, fall in love, fight and make up or split up, like real people do. During the first episode, the three central friends move in together and get better acquainted

I Barebacked Your Boyfriend

Andre Barclay gets some great head from Seth Miller. He throws Seth on the bed and fucks his hole bareback. Jake Wetmore walks in on Andre and Seth fucking

Gabriel Fe Dominic F

Year: 2010 Country: USA Genre: Anal, oral Duration: 00:24:51 During a lunch break on our last shoot, the guys noticed that two of our models, Gabriel & Dominic were missing. After walking around the property, we spotted the two getting pretty hot and heavy around the back of the house. Instead of interrupting their fun, we decided to grab the cameras, load a fresh tape and capture their action for your viewing pleasure.

Follow Me

Year: 2008 Genre: Anal Sex, Cumshots, Oral Sex, Outdoors, Rimming, Threesomes, Twinks, Uncut, Voyeurism Length: 1:38:18 Director: Robert Boggs Studio: AYOR Studios in conjunction with Starring: Jerry Harris, Ryan Quaid, Thierry Aulin, Tomas Adamec, Adam Zarsky, Ariel Vanean, Nick Daniels, Joshua Black, Paul Brise, Samuel Hoffman Description: FOLLOW ME – Ariel Vanean is in a hurry.

Grand Prix

Year: 2007 Country: Czech Republic / Slovakia Genre: twinks, anal, oral Duration: 130 min. Director: Robert Boggs Studio: Ayor / Bel Ami Starring: Benjamin Bloom, Björn Gedda, Chad Driver, George Michaelo, Justin Boyd, Kurt Diese, Mark Lopez, Mark Zebro, Niall Phoenix, Ruslan Brodovich, Thomas Merhar, Tommy Sem Description: An athletic team is staging a summer cross country race through Northern Bohemia, just after a sweaty game of beach volley-ball. It is very hot all around, so the runners take time off to share some fun.

Hot Summer Cruising

Year: 2005 Genre: oral sex, anal sex, group sex. Duration: 2 hours 22 min. Director: Robert Boggs Studio: AYOR Studios Starring: Sebastian Stone, Adam Lee, Johan Volny, Bryan McCain, Patricxk Veselsky, Thomas York, Denis Rush, Michael Fuerst, Dominik Mayer