Owen’s First Spanking

Owen is a hot, straight, 19-year-old frat boy. He is extremely fit with a tight body and the face of a model.
In his interview video, we learned that Owen has a history with switches, wooden spoons and belts. He said that he didn’t get into much trouble when he was younger, and Tom’s pretty sure there’s a causal relationship there.
This is a long, hard spanking. Tom uses his hand, a ping-pong paddle, a birch, a perforated paddle and a leather belt. Before long, Owen is kicking and struggling. He has a wonderful boyish quality about him, and it becomes more evident as the spanking intensifies.
Owen falls into that group of boys (like Travis) whose butts just don’t get very red when spanked. Even so, by the time this video is done, Owen’s butt is beginning to get purple. At the end of the video, Tom asks Owen how the spanking compared to what Owen thought it would be. Owen swallows hard and tells Tom this spanking was "way worse." That isn’t a surprise since Owen, like virtually all of the other boys, didn’t ask for any specifics before agreeing to do a video.
Although it was clearly a difficult and emotional experience for him, Owen dutifully saw it through. He doesn’t strike Tom as quitter. Owen is a dutiful boy who has been taught respect and knows how to submit to authority.

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