No More Lies

Owen was just making excuses. Tom has long suspected that Owen cancels when he finds himself wanting to go out with his friends and party.
Owen was supposed to show up for a spanking a few weeks before this shoot. However, he texted Tom only a few hours before he was to arrive and told Tom he had been called into work.
What Owen didn’t know is that Tom has been checking Owen’s social media when he cancels. Tom figured that sooner or later Owen’s social media posts would prove that he was lying about his reasons for cancelling shoots. On the occasion of the last shoot he cancelled, Owen went to some sort of formal party with some friends of his (probably a frat party). Owen posted photos from the party and Tom saw him. When Owen asked to reschedule, Tom agreed and asked him to wear his gray suit to the rescheduled spanking (though he didn’t tell Owen why).
Tom thinks that Owen lies a lot, but not about important things. Instead, Tom thinks Owen takes the path of least resistance and tells “white” lies that to smooth over various aspects of his life. Tom has decided to teach Owen a lesson about lying today.

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