Nick Returns

Nick, age 23, was the first boy who ever stopped and actually walked out on his spanking video ("Nick’s First Spanking"). Tom paid Nick a small fee and told him he could earn the rest of the agreed-upon amount if and when he returned to finish his spanking. Given Nick’s demeanor when he left, Tom really didn’t expect he’d be back. However, a couple of weeks passed and Nick wanted the rest of the money, so he asked to come back.
When Tom told Nick to stand up and get the paddle near the end of Nick’s first spanking video, Nick quit and walked out. He said the spanking had been too hard and his butt hurt, and that he had to go to work. But it was more than that. Nick simply wasn’t ready for being over a man’s knee, for being naked or for being told what to do (you can read the narrative for "Nick’s First Spanking" for a more complete understanding of why Tom thinks Nick walked out).
What Nick didn’t know was that when walked out, his spanking was very nearly complete. If he had stayed just a few more minutes and taken 10 more with the paddle, he would’ve been done. But he quit and didn’t even ask how much remained. And he was so harried and upset that it wasn’t even possible to discuss the matter with him. So, instead of those 10, he ended up coming back for this video and getting 23 hard strokes of the paddle.
The first stroke of the paddle startles Nick. It seems he didn’t expect it to be so hard. He steadies himself for the second and third stroke, apparently having decided to maintain his composure throughout the paddling. But the fourth stroke puts an end to that idea. Nick grunts, curses and spasms for the remainder of the paddling. Still, he must have arrived prepared to humble himself and take what he had coming because he stuck it out this time. He leaves with the rest of his pay and a very red ass.

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